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  1. From melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is excited to announce the release of one of the finest melodic hard rock records for 2018 – JK Northrup & David Cagle’s first collaboration together, titled ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’. There is no doubt whatsoever that this record is gonna leave a mark on fans of hard rocking, guitar driven melodic rock, with a production to die for and songs dripping in hooks and melodies. JK Northrup & David Cagle ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ arrives March 30 worldwide. A very early demo form of this album was on select digital platforms under the Liberty & Justice banner, but ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ is a whole new ball-game from the ground up. MRR’s Andrew McNeice: “I’m immensely proud and excited to finally be releasing this killer record from JK and David. I’ve worked with JK since the very first MR.com compilation over 15 years back and he’s been there for me as a mastering engineer every time since. His work with me remastering some important archive releases in the last couple of years has only further emboldened my respect for him as a first rate professional and someone who can bring out the very best results in any situation. On top of that, he is a Grade A gentleman who I value as a friend and college. Everyone I have recommended Jeff to as an engineer or producer has ended up using him and continuing that relationship. But I’ve long felt that his name is undervalued as a writer and guitarist and I think this record is his finest achievement to date and a truly stunning release – in all facets – the guitar playing, the writing and production and David Cagle is one hell of a vocalist who I think we need to work with again ASAP!” Jeff Northrup: “David Cagle and I had worked together in the past and started this album back in 2014. Unfortunately, it was shelved due to 'circumstances'. We knew we had something special even then, and the time was right to pull out this great collection of songs, dust it off and polish it up. The result is 12 of the best songs put together on any album I've been a part of! Fast forward to 2017… After rewriting some of the lyrics, some arrangement changes, re-recording guitars and vocals, then bringing in the powerful rhythm section of Larry Hart - bass (Montrose, Gypsy Soul, King Kobra) and Steve Brown - drums (Montrose, Oleander-and Mick Brown's younger brother), the album has truly come to life! Larry and Steve have been playing live together for a couple years and are TIGHT. I've played on a few albums with Larry including King Kobra, Shortino-Northrup and Gypsy Soul, which began in 1987. When you hear the opening track 'The Night Is Mine', you'll know right away that you are going to Get Rocked HARD!!! David's modern approach on vocals is a breath of fresh air and I pull no punches on guitar!! With some heavy, powerful rock songs, to more main stream rockers and a couple killer ballads, it's all here!!! Although a predominately guitar driven album, Eric Ragno does a masterful job playing keyboards on 6 songs. The title track, 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark' was written by myself several years back, but sounds as fresh and powerful as if written today. Some of the lyrics are based on true life experiences about love, hate and a relationship gone bad, which is reflected in the artwork that was done by the great Nello Dell'Omo. 'The Siren' cuts out your heart and leaves you still alive, clutching your chest. Been there, done that!!! I truly am excited for everyone to here this album!! Cheers!" ~ JK Northrup JK Northrup's professional career began in 1982 when bassist-songwriter Bruce Turgon (Lou Gramm, Foreigner) heard his demo tape and asked if he would like to record with him in Los Angeles. That offer was accepted and the next thing that happened was they were in the studio at Pasha Records being produced by the legendary Billy Thorpe (Children Of The Sun). In the next room, Quiet Riot was mixing their debut album 'Metal Health'. Billy asked JK, Bruce and Frankie Banali to tour for his new release and that's how it all began! Since then, JK has recorded with, toured with and produced some of the biggest names in music and that list continues to grow today. Not only known as an elite guitarist, songwriter and producer, but also as a recording engineer and mastering specialist. In 2017 alone, JK produced, mixed and/or mastered some of the top-rated rock albums for a who's who of recording artists. Having written songs that have been recorded by artists such as Foreigner, King Kobra, Great White, XYZ and including television and movies, the list continues to grow. JK has appeared on over 30 albums over the years as a songwriter, guitarist and producer, and has mixed and mastered many others. Now in 2018 comes a new album called JK Northrup & David Cagle, 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark'. This album showcases all of JK Northrup's skills as a songwriter, guitarist, producer, recording and mastering engineer. In JK's words, 'I'm just getting started! Enjoy the ride folks'. For more detailed bio and discography, please visit www.jknorthrup.com Award-winning international singer David Cagle has recorded vocals on more than 1000 songs over the past 10 years for clients all over the world, covering multiple genres of music. Although a singer of many styles, Cagle is most known for his melodic, soulful rock voice. A few of Cagle's credits include: - February Fallen: Black and White (all lead and backing vocals) - Marty and the Bad Punch: Moon Over Baskerville (all lead and backing vocals) *Winner of 4 awards at the 2015 German Rock and Pop Awards - Brannon: Welton St. and The Road Less Traveled (all lead and backing vocals), and many individually released singles *Winner of multiple international songwriting competitions - Majestic: V.O.Z, Epsilon 1, Epsilon 2 (lead and backing vocals on select tracks) - Fiction Syxx: Tall Dark Secrets (backing vocals on Given Sight and Your Promised Land) 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark' guest performers: Gunnar Nelson - backing vocal on ‘Forever Starts Tonight’ Richard Kendrick - backing vocal ‘Can't’ Kelly Keeling (MSG, Blue Murder) - backing vocal ‘For Sure Thing’ DanZoid (Ted Poley, Bridger) - drums ‘That's Gonna Leave A Mark’ Produced, Recorded, mixed and mastered by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio www.alien1111.com www.jknorthrup.com JK Northrup & David Cagle ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ arrives March 30 worldwide onMelodicRock Records
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    VEGA - Only Human

    New album expected in May. From FB: UPDATE!!!! The new album is in the can and Harry Hess is mixing it up and adding the sparkle! So, we are planning the live dates to promote the album.
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    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Sonic Station - s/t Chased Crime - Transitory Tusk - Tales From A Haunted Book Cain & Abel - s/t Benedictum - Obey
  4. They're back with a new singer and album. To be released through MelodicRock Records in April. More details to come... www.captainblackbeard.net FB The latest video (taken from their previous effort 'It's A Mouthful'):
  5. From FB: Silked & Stained were born on April of 2009 by Tony Silked (Antonis Gavalas) and Johnny Boston (Giannis Mpastounis) from the love they shared for Melodic Hard Rock. They started performing their first gigs at An Club and then to other known musical venues in Greece such as Bat City, Jasmine, Lazy while they also started working on ideas for their own staff. After several lineup changes, in the summer of 2010 James Sarantides (Dimitris Sarandidis) took place behind the keyboards and a couple of years later, Orpheus Lazz (Orpheus Lazarou) joined the family as the drummer keeping the band in pace with George Rachiotis (George Rachiotis) taking the position of the bass player. In 2014 the last change of the lineup took place with Alexis Pantazis taking over the difficult role of the frontman following the departure of Johnny Boston. The genre of the band is Melodic Hard Rock with influences from great bands of the 80's such as Bon Jovi, Guns 'n' Roses , Poison, FM, Ratt, Skid Row , etc. In 2011 they released their first demo single called Lonely Road and on April 2014 the new single titled Much Love for the Pure Rock 7 collection of Atlantis Records and Atlantis FM 105,2. The band aims to released its first album in 2014. 'Much Love' and 'Lonely Road': http://www.reverbnation.com/silkedandstained/songs
  6. Yep. Another one of these 'upcoming' installments. Blood Red Saints - Love Hate Conspiracies (Jan 26/AOR Heaven) Sugarcane - Minded For The Radio (Feb 9/MIGHTY Music) 1. Let the Love Begin 2. Forever Tomorrow 3. Speak to Me 4. When the Fire Is Burning 5. Minded for the Radio 6. Sing This Song 7. Where the Lovers Go 8. She Don´t Mind 9. Ride the Fate 10. Black Day 11. Where Is My Home Reach - The Great Divine (TBA) Animal Drive - Bite (TBA/Frontiers) James Christian - Craving (Feb/Frontiers) Last Autumn's Dream - Fourteen (Dec 2017 Japan, 2018 Europe) 1. RISE AN' SHINE 2. GO! 3. SIREN 4. I DON'T WANNA WAIT 5. SHADOW OF THE NIGHT 6. TURN IT UP 7. LET THE CURTAIN FALL 8. WOULD'T U LIKE 9. GET THEM ALL 10. WALKIN' TALKIN' MIRACLE 11. LOVE AGAIN 12. LOVE IS AN OPEN ROAD Killer Bee - Tales From The Attic (Fall/ 2018) Dave Bickler (Survivor) - Darklight (TBA) Ignore The Sign - Cross The Line (Feb 23) 1. Saviours Of Rock 3:49 2. A Line To Cross 5:11. 3. No Way Home 4:18 4. Brother 5:09 5. The Story Isn’t Over 3:59 6. When Words Ain’t Enough 4:52 7. God With A Million Faces 4:33 8. Sweet Lady 2:59 9. Days Of Thunder 3:36 10. Behind The Wall 4:38 11. Can’t Find The Door 3:58 12. Silver Wind 5:00 13. Looking In The Sun 5:35 The Ron Keel Band - Fight Like A Band (TBA/EMP Label Group) Rick Springfield - The Snake King (Jan 26/Frontiers) Panorama - Around The World (Jan 12/Rock of Angels Records) Odyssey Desperado (Bob Katsionis/Paul Laine) - Don't Miss The Sunset (March/Lions Pride Music) 1) Rush Of The Wave 2) You And Me Against The Worl ,3) Cruisin' 4) Dreams die hard 5) Can't live without you 6) Oasis (In The Desert Of Your Soul ) 7) Holding On To A Dream 8) Fragile 9) Tomorrow You'll Be Gone 10) Wings Of Silk Uriah Heep - Living The Dream (Fall/Frontiers Music) Jaded Heart - Devil's Gift (March 30/Massacre Records) Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Pawn And Prophecy (Jan 28/Frontiers) Chris Bay (Freedom Call) - Chasing The Sun (Feb 23) 1. Flying Hearts 2. Light My Fire 3. Move On 4. Radio Starlight 5. Silent Cry 6. Hollywood Dancer 7. Keep Waiting 8. Misty Rain 9. Where Waters Flow In Heaven 10. Bad Boyz 11. Love Will Never Die The Poodles - Prisma (Jan 28) (covers album) 1. Crazy Horses 2. Maniac 3. Love is Gone 4. It's No Good 5. Don't You Worry Child 6. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 7. Call Me 8. Go Your Own Way 9. Set Fire to the Rain 10. Soldiers of Fortune Toto - 40 Trips Around The Sun (Feb 9) (new recordings) 1. Alone 2. Spanish Sea 3. I'll Supply the Love 4. I'll Be Over You 5. Stranger In Town 6. 99 7. Struck By Lightning 8. Pamela 9. Afraid of Love 10. I Won't Hold You Back 11. Jake to the Bone 12. Stop Loving You 13. Lea 14. Hold the Line 15. Georgy Porgy 16. Rosanna 17. Africa Fabio Lione/Alessandro Conti - s/t (Jan 26/Frontiers) Ammunition - s/t (Jan 26/Frontiers) 1.Time 2.Freedom Finder 3.Virtual Reality Boy 4.Gung Ho (I Told You So) 5.Eye For An Eye 6.Tear Your City Down 7.Caveman 8.Wrecking Crew 9.Miss Summertime 10.Bad Bones 11.Klondike
  7. A slightly modified image and a more pop sounding new song. Good stuff anyway.
  8. From Frontiers: NEW SONG ALERT: Singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Robert Berry’s new album, “The Rules Have Changed,” will be released under the name 3.2 on Frontiers Music srl on August 10, 2018. The full-length album will feature musical contributions by the late KEITH EMERSON, whom Berry was a bandmate with in the band 3. This is the last musical project in which Emerson was involved prior to his untimely passing in 2016. A preview of the album, the track, “Somebody’s Watching” has been released today. It is available on all streaming services as well as an instant download with digital pre-orders. The working relationship between Emerson and Berry began in 1987 when former YES (official) manager Brian Lane and Carl Palmer arranged a meeting between the two prolific musicians. The plan was to form a more melodic, song oriented band, compared to the complex symphonic rock compositions for which Emerson, Lake & Palmer was known, which would allow Emerson, Berry and Palmer to follow in the footsteps of the success that Asia and GTR were enjoying during that period. The result of that collaboration between Emerson, Berry and Palmer was the band 3 and the album “... To The Power of Three,” was released worldwide by Geffen Records in 1988. The first single, “Talkin' 'Bout” reached #9 on the Billboard charts and the band successfully toured the U.S. to support the album. With the success of the first release, Geffen urged the band to go back into the studio to begin work on a second album, but Emerson felt uncomfortable with Geffen’s momentum stifling, inconsistent strategy that ultimately cut the first album's success short, consequently prompting the band to call it quits. At the time of the band’s dissolution, several songs were already written for the band’s second release with some of the songs later being released on Robert Berry’s solo album, “Pilgrimage To A Point”. In October 2015, conversations about a new 3 album started between Robert Berry and Frontiers’ President Serafino Perugino as Robert had been speaking to Emerson about releasing the band’s long delayed follow-up album. Berry relayed those conversations to Emerson and in turn sparked revived enthusiasm from him for pursuing the project. The exchange of musical ideas ultimately paved the groundwork for “The Rules Have Changed.” After Emerson’s death in 2016, Berry was left with Emerson’s final musical ideas for the project. From old cassette tapes, keyboard parts written over the phone and long discussions between the two friends about style, the framework of the album was set and ready to be brought to life. After several months of grieving and contemplation about what to do with these co-written songs and musical fragments from Emerson, Robert decided to resume work on the material that was created and craft a record that would ultimately be a fitting tribute to Keith Emerson’s musical legacy and at the same time re-energize and update the musical style started with 3 some 30 years ago. “Keith and I developed together a vision of what the new album would be like, explains Berry. “There were many times over the past 30 years since 3 had come out that Keith either played on a session for me or we just talked on the phone. The new album consists of some past 3 writing from 1988, some newly written last efforts from Keith, and some songs written exclusively by me after Keith’s death. “ The final result is “The Rules Have Changed,” a reboot of the original 3 project, centered on Robert Berry’s amazing musical talents. This is a record that deserves to be heard by every fan of the great Keith Emerson and includes many exquisite musical adventures, which every progressive music fan will be delighted to experience and enjoy. “Every second I worked on writing, recording, and performing those songs I had one thing on my mind,” says Berry. “The phrase... ‘What would Keith do’...drove me, it guided me, it consumed my creativity. It was so important to me to fulfill our vision for this album. I believe Keith worked through me. I especially felt him with me when I did the solos. The songs we had worked on together but the solos were to be improvised while recording. You will hear his flare coming through on the solos. The solos are played by me, but, at the same time, also by him. I would never say I was even close to being the player Keith was. But I believe you can hear his spirit in the sound and in my playing. I am so proud of this album. I can’t help but think somehow he is proud of the results too.” TRACKLISTING: 1. One by One 2. Powerful Man 3. The Rules Have Changed 4. Our Bond 5. What You’re Dreaming Now 6. Somebody’s Watching 7. This Letter 8. Your Mark on The World PRODUCED BY: Robert Berry SONGWRITERS: Keith Emerson, Robert Berry ARRANGEMENTS: Keith Emerson, Robert Berry RECORDED and MIXED BY: Robert Berry at Soundtek Studios, Campbell, CA MASTERED BY: George Horn Mastering, Berkeley, CA INSTRUMENTATION: Robert Berry http://www.robertberry.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Robertberrymusic/ https://twitter.com/therobertberry
  9. Debut album out in May through AOR Heaven. Heartwind: Germán Pascual (Narnia, Dj Mendez, Essence of Sorrow) Mikael Rosengren (Constancia, Token, Scudiero) Martin Hall (Germán Pascual band) Göran Engvall Peter TrumPeter Svensson (Constancia, Faith) Germain Leth (The Poodles, Watchmen) 1. Higher and higher 2. Cry out into space 3. Ready for the moonlight 4. One night away from you 5. Surrounding me 6. Through the light 7. Too late for roses 8. Creatures of the nighgt 9. Don’t be that girl 10. Your eyes cannot lie 11. Game of love
  10. I never liked this band but this new single is pretty cool.
  11. Debut album out now. Good stuff. www.facebook.com/swedishfunkconnection 01 - This love will last forever 02 - Lucky 03 - Out of my way 04 - Stay with me 05 - To much money 06 - Somewhere somehow 07 - Life is beautiful 08 - Love is such a beautiful thing 09 - Stay away from the dark 10 - Million reasons
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    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    You mean this: http://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/topic/20651-silly-fools-band-from-thailand/
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    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Tarja - Left In The Dark Reckless Love - Spirit + 1 (Special Edition) Arti Tisi - Back Again Street Talk - V + 6 (Reissue) Paris - The World Outside + 2 (Special Edition) The Radio Sun - Outside Looking In
  14. Press release from Frontiers Music: BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl are pleased to announce the release of the second Inglorious album, “Inglorious II”, on May 12, 2017! The band have also announced their new guitar player, who you can meet in the video below! September 2016 saw Inglorious base themselves in Liverpool to work on the follow up to their 2016 eponymous debut album. Produced by the band and mixed by the legendary Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith), this new album is set to further enhance the standing of this remarkable band. From the body blow riffs of “Read All About It,” to the beautiful melodies of upcoming first single “I Don’t Need Your Loving”, from the groove of “High Class Woman” to the classic feeling ballad “Making Me Pay”, this is an album that shows the bands influences stem from iconic rock and roll shrine of rock albums from the 1970s – many years before the band members were born – merged with a truly contemporary feel. Driving riffs and instant melodies all overlaid with the unique and powerful vocals of Nathan James. Nathan James on “Inglorious II”: “It came together very organically after spending time touring together and felt great. We knew we were making an album this time too! We focused on getting our sounds just right so we could get into the studio and out in the least time possible. Between Adde's flat in Malmö, Sweden and Colin’s family home in Somerset, England, this album came together quickly. We spent three weekends in Somerset, writing in a kind of 9-5 fashion, whereby we knew we were at work. Then after a lovely home cooked dinner we would relax, have a few beers and balance out our hard work, the environment is so important to be creative and we had it good!” Tracklisting: 1. I Don’t Need Your Loving 2. Taking The Blame 3. Tell Me Why 4. Read All About It 5. Change Is Coming 6. Making Me Pay 7. Hell Or High Water 8. No Good For You 9. I Got A Feeling 10. Black Magic 11. Faraway 12. High Class Woman The album will be released as a standard CD and also as a Deluxe 2CD/DVD edition. The DVD will feature a previously unavailable live performance from Download Festival 2016 plus extra bonus content, including videos for forthcoming singles “I Don’t Need Your Loving” and “Taking The Blame”. DVD content: Live At Donington: Until I Die, Breakaway, High Flying Gypsy, No Good For You, Holy Water, Warning, Unaware. Special Features: Inglorious EPK, Taking The Blame – Music Video, I Don’t Need Your Loving – Music Video, Behind The Scenes. A vinyl release will also be made available through Frontiers Music Srl partners Soulfood. 2016 was a stunning year for UK five-piece Inglorious. Their eponymous debut album was released through Frontiers Music Srl in February. The album received widespread critical acclaim at press, multiple A lists at radio and a lauded performance on Vintage TV. The band toured across the world, with numerous high profile shows in the UK and Europe – including show stopping performances at Download Festival 2016 and Ramblin' Man Fair 2016, support slots for The Winery Dogs and The Dead Daisies, and culminating with a support slot for Steel Panther’s European Arena tour in October and a co-headline UK tour with labelmates Last In Line in November 2016. Formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James, who made a name for himself having sung for the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth. Nathan was looking for like-minded musicians that desired to make incredible rock music in a very honest fashion. The band’s lineup on “Inglorious II” was completed by rhythm guitarist Wil Taylor, lead guitarist Andreas Eriksson, bassist Colin Parkinson and drummer Phil Beaver. The band have also announced the departure of album guitarist Wil Taylor right after the end of the new album's recording. They are delighted to announce that for 2017 and moving forward they are reuniting with original member Drew Lowe on guitar, who is joining the band as a permanent member. www.inglorious.com FB
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    Creye - s/t

    From FB: We're absolutely thrilled to tell you guys that Creye has now officially signed a multiple records contract to major label Frontiers Music srl. From Frontiers: BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of one of the most exciting AOR newcomers to the scene, CREYE! Hailing from Sweden (of course!), Creye was founded by Grand Slam guitarist Andreas Gullstrand. The band recently released a debut EP which shows enormous potential and immediately sparked interest from Frontiers. With soaring vocals and harmonies and melodies that seem to have been taken straight from the 80’s masterpieces of AOR music, Creye are here to stay and the multi-album deal signed with leading Italian rock label Frontiers Music Srl will help them pursue the goals they are determined and very serious to achieve for their career. “We were very picky when it came to choosing a suitable label for us,” says Andreas. “The options were many, but at the end of the day we were looking for a label with muscles big enough to help us get to the next level. When the question arose from Frontiers, it immediately felt like this was exactly the kind of label that we were searching for!” CREYE debuted in late 2016 with the single "Never Too Late," which caused some stir in the AOR scene with outstanding reviews and immediate talk of the “next big thing” to come out of Sweden. Andreas worked hard to recruit a strong line-up of full-time members as well as continuing to put together new material. In March 2017, the 3 song EP, "Straight To The Top" was released by the band, showing off a much more mature and evolved sound. And finally, in May 2017 vocalist Robin Jidhed (son of ALIEN singer, Jim) joined the band and thereby added the final piece to the puzzle. This is just the beginning and you can be sure that CREYE will definitely live up to the initial hype! If you are into bands such as Work of Art, Art Nation, One Desire, and early H.E.A.T, then this band is for you. If you have not yet had the chance to review them, hit the play button below NOW and have a listen to “Never Too Late,” a feel good, breezy uptempo AOR track which can only put a big fat smile on your face: CREYE is: Vocals - Robin Jidhed Lead Guitar - Andreas Gullstrand Rythm Guitar - Fredrik Joakimsson Bass - Gustaf Örsta Keyboards - Joel Rönning Drums - Arvid Filipsson www.creyesweden.com FB
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    Stage Dolls - seduced by singles

    I was thinking about it the other day.
  17. To be released on Frontiers later this year. From FB: Perfect Plan is an AOR/Melodic Rock band from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Perfect Plan started out in late 2014 with writing songs and are about to release their debut album 2017. The bands influences are both modern and classic AOR/Melodic Rock from the 80s. Perfect Plan: Kent Hilli - Lead vocals Rolf Nordström - Lead Guitar and backing vocals P-O Sedin - Bass and backing vocals Leif Ehlin - Keyboards and backing vocals Fredrik Forsberg - Drums and backing vocals
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    Guild Of Ages - Rise

    Press release from Escape Music: Guild of Ages roots extend all the way back to 1989. The band was named Caught in the Act and they played every battle of the bands, benefit show or backyard party they could. The band quickly rose among the ranks of the most popular bands on the Denver rock scene. After winning a number of Battle of the Bands competitions, Caught in the Act started gaining attention from agents, management companies and A&R. The early 1990's brought about a significant change in the music scene away from Hard Rock, Metal and Melodic Rock. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam became popular. Caught in the Act seemed to press on, despite the unpopularity of their music and it paid off. The band was noticed by former Axe / Blackfoot vocalist and guitarist Bobby Barth. Barth lived in Los Angeles and brought the band out for a recording session in the summer of 1992. The trip changed the landscape for the band significantly. After a drummer replacement, Caught in the Act sent a number of demo recordings to various record labels in Europe, Japan and the US. The melodic rock scene was still very much alive in Europe and Japan. The Scandinavian record label Empire Records offered the band a recording and distribution deal in 1993 and Caught in the Act began recording ‘Act 1:Relapse of Reason’. Relapse of Reason was well received in both Europe and Japan. The boys began recording their follow up almost immediately after the release of their first effort, despite turmoil. Two member changes happened after the release of Relapse of Reason, but core members Antz Trujillo (guitar) and Danny Martinez (vocals) remained. Bassist Jim Lostetter and drummer Steve Stuntz joined in 1994, The band recorded and released Heat of Emotion and was subsequently signed to MTM Music in Europe and Toshiba EMI in Japan. The Heat of Emotion Cd received critical acclaim and served as a fantastic follow-up to their first release. The band was in demand and secured their first European tour as an opening act on the Pink Cream 69 - 1997 summer tour. Caught in the Act was sued shortly thereafter by a Scandinavian "Boy Band" with the same name. Despite using the acronym CITA, the band was issued a cease and desist order and forced to change the name after nearly a decade. Guild of Ages was reborn in 1998, toured Europe that year with Axe, released 3 more studio CD's (One, Vox Dominatas, Citadel) and 1 Live CD (Live Over Germany). The band parted ways in 2002... In August of 2014, GOA was asked to reunite and play a festival show in Nottingham, England. Firefest: The Final Fling! The band agreed to play the show. The band had a number of ‘warm up’ shows lined up to help get back into the groove known as Guild of Ages. It was evident that the band still had chemistry and sounded as if they had never split. During these warm up gigs, they decided to reunite Guild of Ages not only for Firefest, but for years to come. The band travelled to England knowing that they planned on putting the band back together, but they had no idea the fan base was so strong. Even after all those years. The band finished recording 12 new tracks in December 2017. A chance inquiry from Khalil Turk of Escape Music Ltd, happened in early January 2018. Escape Music was very interested to secured a deal to release the long-awaited new Guild of Ages album RISE …. now is coming on the 29th June 2018 All previous catalogue from CITA and Guild of Ages will be re-mastered and repackaged and will be available on Escape Music in the near future!!! Band is: Anthony 'Antz' Trujillo Guitars, keyboards, vocals Danny Martinez Jr Lead Vocals, guitars James Lostetter Bass Steve Stuntz Drums, vocals Additional Piano: JC Cernan on "All Fall Down" facebook Release date: 29th June 2018 Catalogue Number: ESM321 Track list: 1. Intro 2:27 2. Deep In Heaven 7:13 3. Around The Sun 4:30 4. Addicted 3:55 5. Every Road Leads Me Home 5:06 6. All Fall Down 4:47 7. Awaken 4:08 8. Love Rules All 4:13 9. I’ll Keep Burnin’ 4:10 10. Rise Another Day 3:37 11. Hearts Collide 4:46 12. Outro 0:54
  19. Album out July 13th on Frontiers. More info to come... 1. Set The World On Fire 2. Through 3. Who I Am 4. Fall Like An Angel 5. It's All About You 6. Need You Now 7. Ride Of Your Life 8. Mother 9. Walk With Me 10. Run For Your Life 11. Remember Me 12. Let Me Out
  20. Stefan

    TNT - XIII

  21. Second album will be released in June on Roar! Rock Of Angels Records. Members: Jan Le Brandt: Vocals (Memoria Avenue, Northquake) Daniel Olaisen: Guitars (Scariot, Blood Red Throne, ex-Satyricon) Frank Ørland: Guitars (ex-Scariot) Miguel Pereira: Bass (Withem) Frank Nordeng Røe: Drums (Withem, Maraton) www.facebook.com/bigcitynorway 1. Big City Life 2. Cryin’ In The Night 3. Daemon In The Dark 4. Rocket Man 5. Stars Surrounding 6. From This Day 7. Running For Your Life 8. Forgive Me Now 9. Tower Of Babylon 10. Home Again
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    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    New video.
  23. Stefan

    FM - Atomic Generation

    New album out March 23 on Frontiers. More info to follow. 1. Black Magic 2. Too Much of a Good Thing 3. Killed by Love 4. In It for the Money 5. Golden Days 6. Playing Tricks on Me 7. Make the Best of What You Got 8. Follow Your Heart 9. Do You Love Me Enough 10. Stronger 11. Love is the Law