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  1. Starting over at the age of 57. Watch the documentary 'Queen of Scream' down below. From AOR Heaven: She is one of the finest Canadian Rock singers, she fronted for 36 years celebrated melodic rockers Headpins recording 3 albums, and she did backing vocals of countless '80s records. In August 2016 Darby performed the last gig with Headpins and from this date she's now under her own monicker. The "Flying Solo" stuff is a compilation of songs recorded by Darby Mills during the '80s / early '90s, released under the 'Darby Mills And The Unsung Heroes' moniker, long time out of print. All the material has been digitally remastered for the first time, and it sounds million bucks. Easily among the best female fronted AOR ever recorded, all the songs on this CD are fantastic and simply utterly essential for really every AOR lover ! Get it from her website (CA$ 25.00 incl. shipping): http://www.darbymills.com/store
  2. Stefan

    Lee Aaron - Diamond baby blues

    Nev video. Not too shabby, I like the song.
  3. Stefan

    Amorphis - Queen of Time

    No one showed any interest when I posted the video for 'The Bee' back in May. However this is an excellent release and a little bit of death/harsh vocals won't hurt you. If you don't mind death/harsh vocals then Dan you should check out Wintersun (I made a topic not so long ago). I think they're even better than Amorphis.
  4. Another great one from the amazing Kebu.
  5. New song from the upcoming new album. From facebook back in January: We had a very productive week last week and now 9 out of 10 songs are recorded for the NEW Champlin Williams Friestedt Album!!!
  6. Stefan

    Two Of A Kind - Rise

    Out now. From Frontiers: NEW RELEASE ALERT: Two Of A Kind's sophomore album, RISE is out now! Buy or stream it here: http://radi.al/TwoofaKindRise Two Of A Kind is a melodic rock band from Holland, whose self-titled debut album was released by Frontiers in 2007. Fred Hendrix, better known as main songwriter and singer for the Melodic Rock masters TERRA NOVA, heads up the band. Back at the turn of the century, Fred had become more and more interested in production and songwriting, so he started looking for new and fresh talent to develop. Following several suggestions from Frontiers Records’ President and A&R Director, Serafino Perugino, Fred hooked up with not one but two female singers, Esther Brouns and Anita Craenmehr. After a few writing sessions, Fred submitted the plan for a new band with a great melodic rock edge in the style of Boston meets Heart style to Frontiers, who liked the material and signed the band in late 2005. Recording of the self-titled debut album was completed during the Summer ‘06 with Fred’s TERRA NOVA bandmates Gesuino Derosas (guitar), Hans in't Zandt (drums), and Fred's brother Ron Hendrix (keyboards) joining the proceedings. “TWO OF A KIND” was met with a warm reception from fans and critics alike and now the whole gang is back together for another album! Long overdue follow-up, RISE is sure to please melodic rock fans around the globe with the performances of all members even more electric than on the debut.
  7. Stefan

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Bernie Marsden - Shine Bernie Marsden - And About Time Too + 1 Bernie Marsden - Look At Me Now + 1 Mona Liza Overdrive - Vive La Ka Bum Maxx Explosion - Forever Pontus Snibb 3 - Loud Feathers The Radio Sun - Wrong Things Right Supercharger - Broken Hearts And Fallaparts Tracii Guns' League Of Gentlemen - The First Record Travers & Appice - It Takes A Lot Of Balls
  8. I love this version of the Star Pilots' song. Becker sang on the original version too. Very 80's sounding. I diggit!
  9. Stefan

    Taste - Moral Decay

    Tracklisting for 'Moral Decay': On the run Alive Dangerous On my shoulder Rainbow warrior The fire inside Adventureland Moral Decay My own worst enemy Lost in myself We are back Sixteen years More than a thousand charades
  10. Stefan

    Gathering Of Kings


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