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  1. Stefan

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Sonic Station - s/t Chased Crime - Transitory Tusk - Tales From A Haunted Book Cain & Abel - s/t Benedictum - Obey
  2. A slightly modified image and a more pop sounding new song. Good stuff anyway.
  3. From Frontiers: NEW SONG ALERT: Singer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Robert Berry’s new album, “The Rules Have Changed,” will be released under the name 3.2 on Frontiers Music srl on August 10, 2018. The full-length album will feature musical contributions by the late KEITH EMERSON, whom Berry was a bandmate with in the band 3. This is the last musical project in which Emerson was involved prior to his untimely passing in 2016. A preview of the album, the track, “Somebody’s Watching” has been released today. It is available on all streaming services as well as an instant download with digital pre-orders. The working relationship between Emerson and Berry began in 1987 when former YES (official) manager Brian Lane and Carl Palmer arranged a meeting between the two prolific musicians. The plan was to form a more melodic, song oriented band, compared to the complex symphonic rock compositions for which Emerson, Lake & Palmer was known, which would allow Emerson, Berry and Palmer to follow in the footsteps of the success that Asia and GTR were enjoying during that period. The result of that collaboration between Emerson, Berry and Palmer was the band 3 and the album “... To The Power of Three,” was released worldwide by Geffen Records in 1988. The first single, “Talkin' 'Bout” reached #9 on the Billboard charts and the band successfully toured the U.S. to support the album. With the success of the first release, Geffen urged the band to go back into the studio to begin work on a second album, but Emerson felt uncomfortable with Geffen’s momentum stifling, inconsistent strategy that ultimately cut the first album's success short, consequently prompting the band to call it quits. At the time of the band’s dissolution, several songs were already written for the band’s second release with some of the songs later being released on Robert Berry’s solo album, “Pilgrimage To A Point”. In October 2015, conversations about a new 3 album started between Robert Berry and Frontiers’ President Serafino Perugino as Robert had been speaking to Emerson about releasing the band’s long delayed follow-up album. Berry relayed those conversations to Emerson and in turn sparked revived enthusiasm from him for pursuing the project. The exchange of musical ideas ultimately paved the groundwork for “The Rules Have Changed.” After Emerson’s death in 2016, Berry was left with Emerson’s final musical ideas for the project. From old cassette tapes, keyboard parts written over the phone and long discussions between the two friends about style, the framework of the album was set and ready to be brought to life. After several months of grieving and contemplation about what to do with these co-written songs and musical fragments from Emerson, Robert decided to resume work on the material that was created and craft a record that would ultimately be a fitting tribute to Keith Emerson’s musical legacy and at the same time re-energize and update the musical style started with 3 some 30 years ago. “Keith and I developed together a vision of what the new album would be like, explains Berry. “There were many times over the past 30 years since 3 had come out that Keith either played on a session for me or we just talked on the phone. The new album consists of some past 3 writing from 1988, some newly written last efforts from Keith, and some songs written exclusively by me after Keith’s death. “ The final result is “The Rules Have Changed,” a reboot of the original 3 project, centered on Robert Berry’s amazing musical talents. This is a record that deserves to be heard by every fan of the great Keith Emerson and includes many exquisite musical adventures, which every progressive music fan will be delighted to experience and enjoy. “Every second I worked on writing, recording, and performing those songs I had one thing on my mind,” says Berry. “The phrase... ‘What would Keith do’...drove me, it guided me, it consumed my creativity. It was so important to me to fulfill our vision for this album. I believe Keith worked through me. I especially felt him with me when I did the solos. The songs we had worked on together but the solos were to be improvised while recording. You will hear his flare coming through on the solos. The solos are played by me, but, at the same time, also by him. I would never say I was even close to being the player Keith was. But I believe you can hear his spirit in the sound and in my playing. I am so proud of this album. I can’t help but think somehow he is proud of the results too.” TRACKLISTING: 1. One by One 2. Powerful Man 3. The Rules Have Changed 4. Our Bond 5. What You’re Dreaming Now 6. Somebody’s Watching 7. This Letter 8. Your Mark on The World PRODUCED BY: Robert Berry SONGWRITERS: Keith Emerson, Robert Berry ARRANGEMENTS: Keith Emerson, Robert Berry RECORDED and MIXED BY: Robert Berry at Soundtek Studios, Campbell, CA MASTERED BY: George Horn Mastering, Berkeley, CA INSTRUMENTATION: Robert Berry http://www.robertberry.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Robertberrymusic/ https://twitter.com/therobertberry
  4. Stefan

    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    You mean this: http://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/topic/20651-silly-fools-band-from-thailand/
  5. Stefan

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Tarja - Left In The Dark Reckless Love - Spirit + 1 (Special Edition) Arti Tisi - Back Again Street Talk - V + 6 (Reissue) Paris - The World Outside + 2 (Special Edition) The Radio Sun - Outside Looking In
  6. Stefan

    Stage Dolls - seduced by singles

    I was thinking about it the other day.
  7. Stefan

    Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy On Me

    New video.
  8. Stefan

    Sunstorm - The Road To Hell

    NEW SONG & VIDEO ALERT: Sunstorm feat. Joe Lynn Turner will release their new album, "The Road To Hell" on June 8th! Today, the title track has been unveiled for your listening pleasure! Enjoy the video! THE ROAD TO HELL can be pre-ordered on CD/LP/MP3 here: http://radi.al/TheRoadToHell Exclusive Limited Edition 180g Colored Vinyl available here: https://bit.ly/2ImgOQE Any hardcore fan of hard rock will certainly be no stranger to the story of Joe Lynn Turner’s career. From his early days with Fandango to his successful stints fronting Rainbow, Deep Purple, and Official Yngwie Malmsteen and through his heralded solo career, the New Jersey-born singer has had his vocal talents on display for decades now. Joe Lynn Turner says "The key to a great song is in the writing, performance, melody and lyrics. Anyone who loves melodic hard rock will not be disappointed with the first song! Personally, I love the positive message that it conveys to the listener...and the chorus is extremely memorable...The music is tight and compelling and played brilliantly. Turn it up loud and enjoy a great kick off to a rocking summer!!!" Years ago, Turner got in touch with Frontiers’ President Serafino Perugino and after discussions between the two, the idea of unearthing some classic melodic rock gems to craft the definitive Joe Lynn Turner AOR album came about. This brought about the release of the first SUNSTORM album in 2006, and then came “House of Dreams” in 2009, “Emotional Fire” in 2012, and the definitively more hard rocking “Edge Of Tomorrow” in 2016. The new album, “Road To Hell”, once again featuring production from Hardline’s Alessandro Del Vecchio and guitars by prog metaller titans DGM’s Simone Mularoni, continues in the same hard rock direction that was started on “Edge Of Tomorrow” and that JLT’s vocal talents shine so brightly in when performing this style.
  9. Stefan

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Three Lions - s/t Jesse Damon - Southern Highway Platinum Rose - House Of Pain Dirty Black Halo - Burning At The Edge Of Dawn Dannie Damien - The Boxer and the Boozer Empire - Leeches Noely Rayn - Escape From Yesterday Drunken Rollers - Boogie Generation Scavanger - Between The Devil And The Sea Hardreams - Countdown Time Stampede Queen - Night At The Cockfights DreamsNowReality - Dreamfinity (Deluxe Edition) Dirty Glory - Mind the Gap Nasty Whores - s/t Lizhard - Bigger, Better, Stronger Loreley - Here We Are Again Nympho - V.I.P. Very Indecent People Van Arx - Stand Together For Rock and Roll W.A.N.T.E.D. - God's Best Sinners Pinnacle Point - Winds Of Change Scream Maker - Livin' In The Past State Of Rock - A Point Of Destiny + 1 Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues + 5 Tygers Of Pan Tang - Animal Instinct Giuntini Project - III + 1 (JAP) Jorn - Symphonic Magnum - Sleepwalking Cheap Trick - RockFord
  10. Stefan

    VEGA - Only Human

    This will soon be taken down...
  11. Second album will be released in June on Roar! Rock Of Angels Records. Members: Jan Le Brandt: Vocals (Memoria Avenue, Northquake) Daniel Olaisen: Guitars (Scariot, Blood Red Throne, ex-Satyricon) Frank Ørland: Guitars (ex-Scariot) Miguel Pereira: Bass (Withem) Frank Nordeng Røe: Drums (Withem, Maraton) www.facebook.com/bigcitynorway 1. Big City Life 2. Cryin’ In The Night 3. Daemon In The Dark 4. Rocket Man 5. Stars Surrounding 6. From This Day 7. Running For Your Life 8. Forgive Me Now 9. Tower Of Babylon 10. Home Again
  12. Stefan

    Breaking music news

    From Frontiers: Attention First Signal fans! A nice little update from Daniel Flores for you.....and some other juicy tidbits in there too..... "Hi Guys! While you are waiting for the release of the new (Third) Find me record and the new Toby Hitchcock record I'm here to tell you that Ive began working on the third FIRST SIGNAL record (Yeah, it's quite the tongue twister) featuring the always enigmatic Harry Hess from Harem Scarem band on vocals. It's a huge honor and BIG responsibility of course to take on this task again, thank you all for buying the last record. The band will be the same as last time but with the addition of the fantastic Johan Niemann (Evergrey, Opeth) on bass and as always my right hand and brother, from another mother Michael Palace (Palace, Kryptonite) again handling all guitars. Of course you'll have to endure my drumming and keyboard arrangements plus production once again. :-) As always, as with any album, it's nothing without the hard work and melodies from the songwriters. Harry Hess, Carl Dixon, Nigel Bailey, Hal Marabel, Ulrick Lönnqvist, Sören Kronqvist, Daniel Palmqvist, Morgan Jensen, Henrik Hedström, Lars Edvall, Anderz Wrethov and Andreas Johansson. We promise to give you every bit of what last record promised and go even beyond. Thanks to Serafino and the Frontiers guys for making this possible. Cheers for taking time to read! Now back to work!"