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    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    DARE are probably best known for their singer/songwriter Darren Wharton (who first rose to fame in the early eighties playing keyboards with legendary Irish rock band Thin Lizzy). Today DARE are one of the most respected and innovative melodic rock bands on the AOR scene, and have gained cult status among AOR fans throughout Europe, the UK and the world. The band's debut 1988 A&M album "Out Of The Silence" recorded at Joni Mitchell's Bel Air Studio in Los Angeles, and produced by Nickelback producer Mike Shipley is still widely regarded today as one of the all time great AOR albums. Darren joined Philip Lynott's Thin Lizzy at the tender age of eighteen and enjoyed 5 great years with the band touring extensively, alongside renowned guitarist Scott Gorham, drummer Brian Downey, guitarists Snowy White (Pink Floyd), Gary Moore and John Sykes (Whitesnake). Working closely with Philip Lynott, Darren also recorded classic Thin Lizzy albums, such as "Chinatown", "Renegade", and "Thunder and Lightning" on which Wharton co-wrote 3 songs, including the hit single "The Sun Goes Down". Sadly, the latter was to be Thin Lizzy's last studio album, and in 1986 Darren Wharton returned to his home town of Manchester where, as an outlet for his creative flare for song writing, working with young Oldham guitarist Vinny Burns, formed his own band, DARE. Following the debut "Out Of The Silence", Dare's second offering was the explosive "Blood From Stone" produced by Keith Olsen (Whitesnake, Scorpions).Sadly this was the last album recorded for A&M Records after the company was sold to Polygram in 1993. In 1994, Thin Lizzy reformed and Wharton found himself back with his old friends Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, John Sykes and Marco Mendosa, playing to packed out audiences across the world. But in 2000 Wharton decided to leave the Lizzy fold, and turn his focus back to DARE. Now living in rugged mountains of North Wales, and working in his own studio, Wharton was soon back writing again. First album off the press was the majestic "Calm Before the Storm". Then followed releases Belief and Beneath The Shining Water, each of which gained BBC2 national radio coverage. Arc Of The Dawn was to follow and featured Dare’s classic cover of Thin Lizzy's Emerald, and was again playlisted on Planet Rock radio; Each album adding new dimensions to the unique sound that was now synonymous with DARE. By this time, Darren's long time friend and original DARE guitarist Vinny Burns, was now firmly back in the band; With Kev Whitehead on Drums, Blood from Stone's Nigel Clutterbuck on bass, and Marc Roberts on live Keys Dare's lineup had never been stronger; and in 2016 DARE released their highly anticipated 7th studio album Sacred Ground. Sacred Ground delighted Dare fans everywhere, and after receiving spectacular reviews for European and UK press, quickly topped the Amazon Rock Charts in four countries, reaching number #1 in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. After national chart success in Sweden, DARE also reached new heights in America, hitting number #12 in the U.S. Amazon Rock charts, and number #2 in the Japanese International Imports charts. Following acclaimed live performances in the UK, Rockingham, London Roundhouse, Germany's Rock Of Ages, Sweden Rock Festival, Spain, Athens, Norway, the band's reputation grew from strength to strength, reinstating Dare's cult status in Europe and the UK and the world. With the first single "On My Own" being playlisted on Planet Rock Radio for over 3 months, the band once more found themselves back on top of the AOR Rock scene. Now 2018 promises to be another great chapter in the book of DARE, as the band celebrate their 30yr Anniversary with a Special Edition re-release of their debut classic album "Out Of The Silence". Out Of The Silence II has been completely re-recorded and in Wharton's own words "has taken on a new life". Rockier and harder sounding than and the original version, this fresh new recording will set the stage for the bands European tour starting off at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire on the 18th May. With a brand new studio album set for 2019, it's clear that DARE are back to stay, and ready to Rock!
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    Gus G - Brand New Revolution

    Haven't seen anyone post about this one yet. Comes out July 24 on Century Media. Guest vocal appearances by Jeff Scott Soto, Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), Jacob Bunton (Adler, Lynam) & Mats Leven (Candlemass, x-Yngwie)! Sounds pretty solid.
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    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    Am listening to this now... it sounds excellent, but as with much of Dare's recent efforts, it's lost some of the "punch" of the original material, perhaps opting for a bit richer texture in places. There are places I like the new renditions, but also places where I much prefer the originals. Probably best viewed as a "different take" rather than a replacement.
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    VEGA - Only Human

    I've given this a couple of listens, and my reaction is the same as it was to the last Vega album: this is a band that based upon my musical preferences, I *SHOULD* love... but I just don't. This band does nothing for me at all. The songs just don't resonate for some reason. There's no staying power with any of their releases... They bore me. *shrug*
  5. heavyharmonies

    Big City - Big City Life

    Velly velly intelesting! Looking forward to hearing more.
  6. If you have any pictures of any of these bands, please post them here. 10 P.M. 12 Strung Gypsy 1989 2 Rocks 2 Sneefs One Dollar 20/20 Blind 20th Century Boys 21 Guns (Australia) 21 Octayne 24K 286 2hot4u 2nd East 2nd Heat 2nd Nature 2preciious 3 Parts Dead 3-D in Your Face 3rd Matinee 4 A.M. 4 Reasons Unknown 4 Sale 400 Horses 6AM 7 Hours Later 7 Months 7th Planet 7thdb 8-Is 976 9th Street A Life Divided A Perfect Day A'La Rock A.C.T A.L.I. AD AIIR AKA AM/PM AM:PM AOR AWOL AZ.U.R Aaron, Jay Abandoned Absolute Steel Absolute Zero Acacia Avenue Ace Lane Aces Acres Wild Action (Japan) Action, The Action Active Acute Mind Adam's Apples Adler Adrenalin (Canada) Adrenaline 101 Adrenaline Factor Adrenaline Rush Adrenalize Aeon Zen Aerial View Aerial Aesthesia Affair, The Affair After All After the Fall Afterlife Aftermath Aftershok Age Of Faith Age Sten Nilsen's Ammunition Agent X Agent Agnes Stone Aidean Ailafar Ain't Dead Yet Aina Air Pavilion Air Raid Airborn Airplay Airstream Airtime Aka Lance Akela Akira Kajiyama Joe Lynn Turner Alan, Paul Alannah Alaska Albatross Aleste Alex, Sam Alexis Alfonzetti AliCat Project, The Alias (Metal) Alibi Alicate Alien Force Alien's Birthday Alkatrazz All I Know Allegiance Allen - Lande Allen, Jamie Alliance (Finland) Allied Forces Allies Allison Allying Cry Almost Human (AOR) Almost Human Alpha Centaury Alpha Altered State AlternativA Altura Amaran's Plight Amaze Me Amazone Ambush (Metal) Ambush Amen American Anthem American Bang American Heartbreak American Minor American Noise American Sugar Bitch American Tears Amethyst (USA) Amethyst Amgermain Cross Among Thieves Amorettes, The Ampage Amsterdam Anatomic Ancient Vision Andersen - Laine - Readman Andersen, André Andersen, Soren Anderson, Angry Anderson, Steven Andersson Mills Project, The Andersson, Daniel Andi Deris And The Bad Bankers Andy Baum and the Trix Andy Scott's Sweet Andy Wells Band Anexxe Angel (Norway) Angel Heart (Germany) Angel House Angel King Angel of Mercy - Marc Anthony Angel, Julian Angela and the Rude Angeles Angelheart Angelica (Sweden) Angeline Angry Tears Animal Bag Animator Anjos Da Noite Annex Another Carnival Answer, The Antares Antblad, Chris Anthem Anthony and The Anamals Antics Antonelli, Rich Anxiety Anxious Any Day Now Ape Apocalypse Apostle Aquila Arc Angel Arcara Archer, Steve Area Aria Aries Arion Armada Armed Forces Armonight Armor of God Arrezt Arrival Arsin Arson Art Nation Art Rebellion Artimus Pyle Ashanale Ashba Ashes Diamonds Ashes To Ashes Ashton Askari Assassin Astro Lanes Asylum Suite Aterial Athen Rye Athenaeum Atherton, Dave Atlanta Rhythm Section Atlantic Atlantis Airport Atmosfear Atom Smash Atomic Blonde Atomic Blue Atomic Fantasy Atomic Shelter Atomic Up Atsushi Yokozeki Project Atticus Fault Attraction Audiovision August Redmoon Auras Aurora Authority Autodrive Autograf Automan C.A. Automatix, The Avalon (AOR) Avalon (Australia) Avalon (Spain) Avalon Avenida Avenue Talk Average Joe Avian Awful Truth, The Axat Axia Axis Axminster Axtasy (2) Axtasy Axtion Ayax Ayreon Aztec Jade B'zz, The B-Joe B-Movie Rats B.I.T.E B.O.R.N. BSR BST Baby Animals Baby Borderline Baby Doll Baby Jane (Sweden) Baby Jane Baby Snakes Babylon Rockets Back Alley Crisis Back Alley Sally Back Stage Back Backbone Slide Backdraft Backseat Romeo Backwash Bacon, Max Bad Angels Bad Biscut Bad Boy Eddy Bad Boy Bad Business Bad Flowers Bad Habit ( Holland) Bad Luck Inc. Bad Medicine Bad Memories Bad Monday Bad Mouth Bad Oskar Bad Radiator Bad Romance Bad Side Bad Snake Bad To The Bone Bad Way Badd Attitude Baddax Badmouth Baghdad Bailey Baileys Comet Baird, Dan Balaam Balance II Balanx Balistik Kick Ballard, Russ Ballbreaker Balls Bam Bam Boys Bandit Bang The Union Banging Rush Bangkok Babes Bangkok Shock Barakade Barbed Wire Barden, Gary John Bardowell, Philip Barely Legal Barnabas Barnes, Jimmy Baron Barrage Barrett, Drew Barrett, Kevin Barros Barth, Bobby Bash Nasty Bashful Bassinvaders Bath, Darrell Baton Rogue Morgue Battalion Battery Park Battle Station Baum, Andy Be As One Be Sharp Beast Of Prey Beau Nasty Beauties, The Beauvoir/Free Beckett Bed Language Bedlam Manor Bedlam Bedrokk Bedroom Love Beethoven R Beggar's Bride Beggar's Jam Beggar's Pride Belfast Believers, The Ben Schultz Band Beneath the Surface Benedictum Benesser Bent-Til-Broken Bent Beretta Jane Berg, Rene Berggren Kerslake Band Berry, Robert Beso Negro Beverly Killz Bewarp Beyond The Mirror Beyond the Blue Bianchi, Don Big Apple Big Bad Wolf Big Ball Big Blue Hammer Big Blue Big Chill Big City (2) Big City Big Deal (Germany) Big Deal Big Engine Big Franklin Big Krush Big Left Turn Big Life Big Money Big Mouth (Hard Rock) Big Mouth Big Picture Big Shoes Big Skip, The Big Talk Big Thing Big Tokyo Big Trouble Big Wave Bigg Mouth Bighorn Bigstorm Billy And The Sluts Billy The Kid (NL) Billy The Kid Bishop, Stephen Bitch Boys Bitch So Sweet Bitch's Brue Bitchfire Bite the Bullet Bitter Harvest Bitter Suite Bittersweet Black Bambi Black Bart Black Blitz Black Bone Fever Black Cat Bone, The Black Cat Bone Black Cat Moan Black Cat Nine Black Diamonds Black Jack I Black Kali Ma Black Label Black On Blond Black Oxygen Black Rain, The Black Robot Black Rose (Denmark) Black Sand Black Sheep Black Swan Black Sweden, The Black Tide Black Trip Black, Robin Blackberry Smoke Blackburn Blacklace Blacklist Union Blackmore, J.R. Blackrain Blackshear Blackstone Blackthorne Blackwhite Blackwood Creek Blade Runner BlancaWhite Bleeding Hearts Blind Date (NL) Blind Date Blind Gypsy Blind Jr. Blind Rage Blind Reason Blind Side Blind Vengeance Blindman Blindside Bliss Band, The Blister'd Toad Blitz, The Blonde on Blonde Blonz Blood Red Flower Blood Red Saints Bloodhounds, The Bloodline Bloodstone (Australia) Bloodstone Bloody Six Bloody Stools, The Bloom, Conny Blu Steel Blue 46 Blue Rage Blue Rain Blue Ruby Blue Thunder Blue Velvet Blue World Blue Bluebeard Bluerose Boals, Mark Bobby Rock and Neil Zaza Bodimead, Jackie Body Electric Bodymotors Boetz Bogaert, Jane Bogeymen Bogus Toms Boize Bomb Bay Babies Bombay Black Bombay Bombers, The Bon Jordi Bonafide Bone Machine Boned Boneglove Boneyard Bongiovi, Jodi Bonilla, Marc Bonnet, Graham Bonrud Bonvoisin, Bernie Boomslangs Boone, Pat Bootcamp Bootleg Borchert, Ronnie Borderline Borealis Borg, Tony Borrowed Time Boss Bottom Row Boulder Boulevard (Sweden) Boulevard Bounce the Ocean Bourgeois, Brent Bow Wow Bowes and Morley Box, The Boxer Boyzz, The Bradley, Scott Brady, Paul Brainfever Brandy Lies Brannen, John Brash, The Bratz Inc. Brave, The Braxton Bragg Braxton Brazen Abbot Break Point Breaking Point Breaking Violet Breathless Breen, Michael Brett Walker Brian McDonald Group Brian Robertson Brian White And Justice Briar Bricklin Brickyard Brides Of Destruction Bridge 2 Far Bridge to Mars Bridge, The Bridger Brighton Briley, Martin Brinx Brisk Brittania Britton (Canada) Britton Broadcast Brock, Robin Broken Dreams Broken Glass Broken Homes, The Broken Rule Broken Silence Broken Teeth Broken Toyz Broken Wings (Germany) Broken Wings Brokenheart Bronx Bros. Grimm Brosh, Ethan Brosnan, Mick Brother Brother Brother Cane Brother Love Brotherland, The Brothers The Band Brown, Danny Joe Brown, Jeff Browne, Jackson Brunorock Bryan Hughes Group, The Bryant, Marc Bubi the Schmied Buck Dharma Buckshot Buddy System, The Bugsy Malone Bulldozer Bullet (Sweden) Bullet Bulletrain Burn Halo Burn Burning Crows, The Burning Kingdom Burning Tree Burnpool, The Burns Blue Burns Sisters, The Burns, Vinny Burtnick, Glen Busborg Bushdoctors, The Buster Cherry Butch Walker and The Lets Go Out Tonites Butcher, Jon Butchershop Quartet By, Kjetil Byrd, James Byrne and Barnes Bystander C'Vello C.C.C.P. C.I.T.A. C.O.P C4 CC - Rock CETi CLSS CPR Caboose, The Cacophony Cafissi, Matt Cage Cain's Alibi California Breed California Call, The Calvin, Misha Camp, Steve Campbell, Vivian Canaan Cane Canterro Capaldi, Jim Capital Crime Captain Black Beard Captive Heart Cariot Carisma Caron, David Carpet Frogs, The Carrera Casablanca Casanovas, The Cashmier Casper Fly Cassidy, David Casting Crowns Castle Blak Casual Insanity Cat People Cat Scratch Band Catalyst Catch, The Category IV Catena, Chris Cathouse Catley, Bob Cats:Choir Cavo Celafain Vain Celebrity Skin Celebrity, Gary Celentano, Dave Cell Mates Cellarful Of Noise Cemetary Dance Cenker, Steven Centaur Central Park Cerafim Chain Link Faith Chain Reaction (France) Chain Reaction Chain Chainbreaker Chainsaw Chaisson, Greg Challenge Challis Chameleon Champagne Suicide Champion (USA) Champion Champlin, Bill Champlin, Tamara Chance, The Change of Heart Channel 5 Chapter 23 Chapter Charade (Usa) Charizma Charlotte Charm City Devils Chase The Ace Chase Chasers, The Chasing Magic Chasing Violets Chastity Cheap and Nasty Cheater Cheeseheads With Attitude Cheezboy Chequered Past Cher Cherika Cherry Lane Cherry Lips Cherry Roxx Cheyenne Child, Desmond Child China (Westcoast) China Blue Chinawhite Chocolate Starfish Choirboys Cholane Chosen Chrisley, Little John Christian Tolle Project Christoffer and Quinton Chrome Molly Chykle Chyna Cinder Road Cinema Face Cinema Five Circle II Circle Circle Of Light Circle Sun Circle of Pain Circle of Soul Circular Logik Circus (South Africa) Circus Diablo Circus Zombies Circus Cirkus Citizen Charlie City Girls' Boys City of Faith Clark, Keith Clarke, Fast Eddie Clarke, Gilby Class Act Classroom Zero Cleopatra Clevelend Climb Clock Clockwise (Portugal) Clockwise Closet Monster Clouseau Clusterhead Coastland Ride Cobra Dane Cobra Cocked N' Loaded Code Blue Code Of Silence Code Codex, The Cody, John Coenen, Marcel Cold Shot Coldspell Collin, Keith Collins, Ron Collision Color Blind Colorsound Colortone Colorvine Colosseum II Com'N Rail Compact Company Of Strangers Company of Wolves Compilations Conan Conception Concrete Jungle Conditioned Response Confess Connelly, Kevin Conny Bloom's Titanic Truth Conquest Conscience Pilate, The Conspiracy Constantin, Olivier Contagious (Hard Rock) Contagious (II) Contagious Contempt Contender Convergence Zone Convertible Blondes Cook, David Cooper Inc. Cooper, D.C. Corabi, John Corin and Edman Corleonne Cosco, Jeff Cosmic Desert Cosmo Cotton Soeterboek Band, The Cotton, Paul Court Jester (Cellar Records) Court Jester Covenant, The Covered Call Coyle, Ryan Craaft Crabtree Crack Jaw Cracked Actor Craig Goldy's Ritual Crash Midnight Crash N' Burn Crash Pony Crash Street Kids Crash The System Crash Crashin Crashing Angels Crawley Crazy Sweeper Cream House Creature Of Habit Creature Creed Creek Road Crossing Crew De Graz Crichton, Ian Crime Crimes of Passion Crimson Rain Crisis Party Criss Sexx Cristal y Acero Cristeen (USA) Cristeen Cristian, Phil Crooked X Cross, The Crossection Crossfade Crossfire (Israel) Crossfire Crow 7 Crucial Kick Crucified Barbara Cruel Game Cruisers, The Cruse, Cindy Crush (Latin) Crush (Swiss) Crush 40 Crush Proof Box Crusher Cruzados Cry Action Cry Baby Cry Before Dawn Cry Cin Cry Envy Cry Holy Cry Manna Cry Mercy Cry of Love Cryar, Morgan Crybabys, The Crying Steel Crysis Crystal Blue Crystal Pistol Crystal Pride Crystal Project Cua, Rick Cubic Feet Cullooden Culture Shock Curci, Freddy Curfew Curran, Andy Cussick, Ian Cutting Crew Cyanide 4 Cybernauts Cycle Sluts From Hell Cyclone Tracy Cyrka, Jan Cyron Cyrus Zain Czakan D Drive D Generation D J Burns Band, The D J Burns D'Ercole D'Priest D'Vette, Billy D-Rox D-Tale D.C. Legend D.O.X D.T. Boyz D/C World DB Rox DC Drive DC Lacroix DC Star DC-10 DC4 Da Vinci (German) Da Vinci Dad's Porno Mag Daddy Banned It Dag Finn Dagger (Melodic Metal) Dagger Dagh Dalmon, Joey Dalton, Jac Daltrey, Roger Damage Control Damaged Mailboxz Damascus Road (Southern) Damascus Road Dame Fortune Damien Steele Dammit Jim Damn Cheetah Damn the Machine Damnzal Damon, Jesse Damone Damsel Fly Damzel Dan Wos Project Dancing Flame Danger (2) Danger Avenue Danger Zone Dangerous Age Daniel Band Dantallion Dante Catt Dante Fox Danzi, Danny Darby Mills And The Unsung Heroes Dark Age Dark Illusion Darkstar Darlin's Darlin' Darrid, Brad Darxon Dave Nerge's Bulldog Dave Rude Band David Carl Band David and the Giants David Dawn Day One Daydreamer Daylight Robbery Days Of Jupiter Days of Rage Daytona De 5 De La Cruz De Luca, Tom De Mont De Rosso De Van De-Ja-Vu DeGarmo and Key DeGarmo, Eddie DeLaurian DeMartini, Warren DeYoung, Dennis Deacon Street Project Dead And Stoned Dead Bang Dead Beat Honeymooners Dead City Klowns Dead Daisies, The Dead End Kids Dead End Kidz, The Dead End Deadline Deadlock (Germany) Deadly Tide Deadringer Dean, Donald Dean, Joanna Dean, Paul Dear Diary Dear Superstar Death Valley Jupiter Debbie Ray Decoy Paris Decoy Ded Ringer Dee Tail Dee, Franky Deeds Deep End, The Defcon Defender Defyance Deja Vu Delany Delirious Delp and Goudreau Delta Rebels Demon Angels Demon's Eye Demon Demure Den Of Thieves Denaro Denner Denton, Andy Departure Deris, Andi Desario, Teri Desert Rain Desmond Child and Rouge Desperados Destiny Destroyer Deuces Wild Devay Develin, Dennis Devereaux Devil City Angels Devil I Know Devil's Heaven Devil's Slingshot Devils In Heaven Dewey Dezire Dharma 101 DiAnno, Paul Diamond Dawn Diamond Edge Diamond Eye Diamond Lane Diamond Reo Diamond Sins Diamond in the Rough Diamond Diane Diary (Sweden) Diary Diaz Dice, The Dice Dickey Betts and Great Southern Dickinson, Bruce Diesel Opera, The Diesel Diezel Dillinger Dimage Dimino Direwolf Dirrty Angelz, The Dirt Cheap Dirt Circus Dirt Traxx Dirty Black Halo Dirty Blond Dirty Blonde Dirty Cowboys Dirty Deal Dirty Deeds Dirty Grin Dirty Lips Dirty Little Rebel Dirty Passion Dirty Penny Dirty Rockers Dirty Side Dirty Strangers, The Dirty Trashroad Dirty Tricks Dirty Tryx Disciples of Love Dismantle Dison, Artie Distance, The Distance Distant Cry Distant Thunder Disturbance Divine Right A.D. Divine Static Diving for Pearls Divorce Dixie Jam Band Dixon Jane Dixon, Carl Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Dizzy Park Doane, Creighton Doc Ross Doc Trinket Doctor Rock and the Wild Bunch Doctor Weird Dofka Dog Leg Preacher Dog Society Dog Tag Dogbone Dogface Dogs 'N' Bones Dogtown Balladeers Dominoe Don Lewis Band Don Patrol Donahue, Tim Donatello Donnie Iris and The Cruisers Donzela Doppler Effect, The Dorian Gray Dotti Mok Double Cross Double D Double Dealer Double Eclipse Double Heart Double Treat Douglas Dow, Derin Down and Dirty Downtown Clowns, The Downtown Doxy Dr Zhivegas Dr. Shivago Dr. Sin Dr. Strange Dr. Swift Dragon Drama Queen Die Drama Dreamer Dreamhunter Dreamline Dreamlore Dreams (AOR) Dreams (II) Dreams Dregen Drew, David Dries, Dennis Churchill Drive Driver (Hard Rock) Driver Drivin' Miss Crazy Driving West Drury, Timothy Drye Blue Duane, Todd Dudek, Les Duke, The Dukes Nitemare Duncan, Bryan Dunmore Duq -N- Cover Dust and Bones (USA) Dust and Bones Dvinity Dyer, Robert Dygitals Dying Breed Dynamite Dynasty E-THR E.V. Loud E.Z. Money EEZEE ESP EZ Livin EZ Thrill Eargasm Early Warning Earthquake East Coast Eastern Bloc Easy Rider Eat the Gun EchoPark Eclipse (Germany) Eclipse (USA) Ecliptica Edan Edane Eddie St. James Project, The Eddie and The Tide Eden (Italy) Eden (UK) Eden Lost Eden's Lie Eden Edge (Sweden) Edge of the Blade Edge Edison Edoff, Martina Edwards, Mark Eggmen Five Eight Seconds Eisley, David Glen El Balloon Eldoen, Egil Eldoen Electric Bananas, The Electric Circus Electric Light Orchestra Part II Electric Love Hogs Electric Magic Sideshow, The Electric Mary Electrik Elefante, John Elegy Elements Of Friction Eleven Bloody Men Eli Elijah Prophet Embassy Emerald City Emergency (Holland) Emergency Emerson High Emigranci Emina Empire (USA) Empire 21 Empire Empires of Eden Empty Tremor Enamel Planet End, The EndeverafteR Endless Enemies SWE Enevoldsen, Torben Engine Engraved Entity Entourage Envy Enzign Epitaph Eric Gales Band Eric Steel Erickson, Lenita Erika Eriksson, Anders Erlandsson, Mikael Erocktica Erotics, The Eruption Escape (Canada) Escape (UK) Escape (USA) Escape Essex Estrella Eternal Flame Eternal Ryte Eternal of Sweden Ethyls Wreck Euphoria Eva Evans, Dave Evelyn Even Evenrude Event Eventide Everest Evidence Evil Stig Excalibur Excellence Except You Excess Exises Exit Exizt Explorers, The Export Eye (Sweden) Eyes of Wise Eyewitness Ezra (Prog) Ezra F.B.I. F.N. Guns FM (Canada) FM The Band Face Face Face To Face (France) Fahrenheit (Chile) Fahrenheit Fair Exchange Fair Ground Fair Haven Fairchild Fairoff Fairytale (AOR) Fairytale Faith Nation Faith Taboo Faith and Desire Faith and Fire Faithealer Fake I.D. Falcon, Billy Falcon Fallen Silver Falling Nine Falling Red Fanatix Fandango Fantasia Far Cry Far North FarCry Faragher Brothers Farini, Anastasio Farner, Mark Farnham, John Faro Farraway, Craig Farren, Charlie Fascination Fast Forward Fast Train Union Fat Nancy Fat Nelly Fatal Force Fatal Smile Fatal Vision Fatum Faust Fear Not Fear, The Feed The Rhino Feedback Feehan, Tim Feinstein, David Rock Felder, Don Feline Melinda Felix Felony (Swiss) Feral Ferguson, Jay Ferrari, Marc Ferreira, Marc Ferreira Fetchin Bones Fifty Seven Stitch Fighter Fighterpilot Filthy Lucre Final Prayer, The Finger Print Finster Baby Fiore Fire Dept. Fire With Fire Fire Firebird Firecracker Firefly Fireking Firepower Fires of Babylon First Child First Offense First Shot First Signal First Strike Five Venoms, The Flag Flagship Flairz Flakne, Torstein Flame Flamedown Flash Flashbacksliders Flatbacker Fleischman, Robert Flemt Flesh and Blood Flesh Flies on Fire Flight 16 Flight 7 Flood Florence 99 Floyd's Funk Revival Fluid Sol Flyer Flynn Flyte Fool's Gold Fool's Kin Foolhouse, The Foolish Pleasure Fools Faith Force 10 Force 3 Force, The Force Forcefield Forceps Ford, Garnett Forever Forge Form, The Forsale Forte Fortin, Jean-Pierre Fortress/Eliot Fortress Fortune (Harlan Cage) Fortune (Sweden) Fortune (U.S. Indy) Forty Deuce Foster, David Foster, Jim Foundry Four Horsemen Fox Foxx (BMI) Foxx Frameshift Frank Hannon Band Frankie Banali and Friends Fraser, Andy Fraze Gang Freak House Freak of Nature Freakshow Freddie Salem The Wildcats Freddy Lynxx The Jet Boys Frederiksen, Fergie Frederiksen-Denander Frederiksen/Phillips Free Fall Free From Sin Free, Marcie Free, Mark Freedoms Reign Freefall (Germany) Freefall (U.K.) Freefall Freeloaders, The Freerider Freeway Mad Freewheeler Freiheit French Kiss Frenchee Frenchies, The Frenzy Friction (UK) Friction Friedman, Alan Friestedt, Peter Friktion Friss, Bobby From The Inside Front, The (Tommy Funderburk) Front, The Frontback Frontline (USA) Frost Frozen Eyes Frozen Rain Frozen Rose Frozen Tears (Germany) Frozen Tears Full Circle Funderburk, Tommy Funhouse (Female) Fuoriuso Furlong, Michael Fury (AOR) Fury (ZNE Records USA) Fury, Matt Fury Furyon Future Tense Fuzz Drivers, The G Force G, Tracy G., Gus G.C. Sinner G3 GPS GRK GTR GTS GUN Gaines, Steve Galaxy Gale, Johnny Galvatrons Gambit Gamma Gang Gangster Gann, Terry Garbo Talks Garcia X Garcia Garden Bitch Gardian Gardner, Hirsh Garlic Garrison Gas Gaskill, Jerry Gaskin Gatecrashers Gatling Gun Gatopardo Gatos Sucios Gauntlet Geff Geisha Gemini Souls Genius - A Rock Opera Genocide Geordie George and G George, Robin Geronimo! Get Animal Getaway Gethsemane Rose Ghandi Ghost Poets, The Ghost Ghostdance Tribe Gibby Lixx Gideon's Army Gillen, Ray Gillette, Jim Gillis, Brad Gin On The Rocks Ginger Giraffe Giuntini Project Gladstone Glamour Glass Canoe Glass Wolfe Glastetter Glazzhouse Gleason, Michael Glenmore Glitterati, The Glitz Gloria Story, The Gloria Volt Glory Glyder Go For It Goat God's Gift Goddess Shiva Goddo Gods Hotel Golden Farm Goldy,Craig Good Rats Goodbye Thrill Gord-X Gorden, Keith Gorrie, Alan Gotham Goudreau, Barry Gowan Grace In Danger Grady Cain Graffiti Grand Design Grand Lux Grand Prix (Jap) Grand Slam (Canada) Grand Slam Grandma Dynamite Granit Gravestone Graveyard Train, The Gravy Gray Malkin Band, The Gray Malkin Graydon, Jay Grayson Manor Great Big Kisses Green Dollar Colour Green, Tony Green Greenhouze Greenway Greg Leon Invasion, The Gregg Rolie Band Grey C Allen Gribs Grimm Jack GrimmStine Grimmett, Steve Grindhouse Gringos Locos Grip, The Groove Belly Groundstar Guardian Angels Gueppardo Guestz, The Guidry, Greg Guild Of Ages Guilty Pleasure Guiltz 'N' Pleasurez Gun Barrel Gun Hill Road Gundacker Project Gunfire 76 Gung-Ho Gunmetal Blue Guns, Tracii Gunshy Gunslingers Guttersluts Gypsy Blue Gypsy Child Gypsy Harbor Gypsy Kyss Gypsy Pistoleros Gypsy Queen Gypsy Rose Gypsy Stew Güru H.A.R.D. HUSH Hades Band, The Hadley, Tony Hafer, Mark Hahn, John Halifax Hall Aflame Hall of Fame (Australia) Hall of Fame Halligan, Bob Hallyday, David Halo Hamish...The Mac Hammer Down Hammer Head Hammered Blue Hammerhead Hammerschmitt Hand Of Fate Handful Of Rain Hang Loose Hangman Jury Hannon, Frank Hanover Hansel Hansen, Randy Hanson, Bob Haphazzard Hard Knox (Sleaze) Hard Margaret Hard Margret Hard Rain Hard Rocket Hard Spirit Hard Hardalliance Hardbone Hardcore Circus Hardlein Hardreams Hardware Harlequin (USA) Harlequin Harlet Harlot (USA II) Harlot (USA) Harlot Harlots Webb Harlots, The Harlow (sleaze glam) Harlow Harmony Harnell, Jess Harnell, Tony Harnen, Jimmy Harris, Lauren Harris, Steve Hart, Corey Hart, Lea Hart, Robert Hart Harte, April Hartless Hartman, Mike Hartmann Harvest Hasty Rattle Hat Trikk Hatton, Susie Hattrick Haven (CCM) Haven Havy Roxx Hawaii Hay Kay Haze and Shuffle Hazy Shade Head On Headhunters, The Headmaster Headrocks Headrush Heads or Tales Healing Sixes Hear Here Heart Full of Dirt Heart Rocker Heart Throb Mob Heart, Beau Heartbreak Alley Heartbreak Radio Heartless (Norway) Heartline Heartlyne Heat Stroke Heat, The Heat Heaven 11 Heaven Rain Heaven Sent Heaven's Basement Heaven Heavens Fire Heavens Sake Heavy Metal Cowboys Heavy's, The Heerink, Bert Heist Helker Hell City Glamours Hell N' Diesel Helldorados Hellectrokuters Hellgun Hellrazor Helltown Helter Skelter Hemer, Patrick Henderson Main Herazz Herland Herman Rarebell Friends Herman Rarebell Friends Herman Ze German and Friends Hero (UK) Hero (USA) Hersey, Iain Ashley Hess Hetman Hevansent Heyday Hidden Agenda High Heels High Road Easy High Tension High Voltage High Wire High' N Dry Higher Power Highest Dream Highheels Highlander Highlands Highwind Hill, Dan Hill, Steve Hinder Hines, Willie Hiroshima Hit 'n' Run Hitchcock, Toby Hitmen, The Hobin Hodgson, Roger Hodson Hoffmann, Wolf Hoffsten, Louise Holland, Amy Holly Woods and Toronto Hollywood (Brazil) Hollywood Burnouts Hollywood Groupies Hollywood Monsters Hollywood Party Hollywood Rose Hollywood Roses Hollywood Teasze Hollywood Underground (Goth) Hollywood Underground Hollywood Vampire Hollywood Vampires (USA) Hollywood Vampires Holmes, Chris Holograf Holy Barbarians Holy Fire Holy Rage Holy Saint Homerun Honest John Plain Honeywagon Honky Toast Hooked Hooker Hooligan Hope Horakane Horizon Horizontal Ladies Club Hors La Loi Horse London Horsehead Horsepower Hosler, Don Hot 'N' Nasty Hot Boy Hot City Hot Kitty Hot Legs Hot Line Hot Stuff Hotcakes Hotel Hunger Hounds Of Desire House of X Howard, Doug Howell, Kurt Howling Iguanas Hughes, Billie Hughes, Gary Hughes, Glenn Hughes/Downes Hugo Human Clay Human Race Human Zoo Humanimal Humar Humbucker Hung Jury Hungryheart Hunt, The Hunted Hunter (Canada) Hunter (Hard Rock) Hunter - Greer Hunter, Myles Hunter Hurtsmile Hush (Austria) Hush (USA) Hyde Hydra Hyper Formance I Love You I.C. Eyes I/O II Big IMTM IRA Ian Crichton Band Ian Gillan / Tony Iommi Ice Blue Ice Tiger Ice Water Mansion Icebreaker Iconic Eye Icri's Witch Identical Strangers Idle Cure Idle Tears Idol, Billy If Only Ignorance Illi-Noize Illusion Illustrator Ilous, Terry Imaginary Few Immaculate Mary Impact Impera Impression Impulsia In 3-D In Denial In Mynd In and Out Inderhus, Per Kristian Indian Indica Indicco Indigo Dying Infidels Infinity (III) Infinity (Indie) Infinity Ingebrigtsen, Dag Inner Strength Innocent Rosie Innocent, The (Texas) Innocent, The Innocent Innuendo Insania Inside Out (UK) Inside Out Insight Inspector Intense Intice Into The Light Intruder Iris, Donnie Iron Lamb Ironica Irvine, Chris Isis Child Isom Issa It's Alive Itch, The Ivory Monkey Ivory Rose Ivory Tower Project Ivory Tower J-Train J.R. Blackmore Group JAG JC JFX JJT JOE SATRIANI Jack Cracker Jack's Hammer Jack, Brian Jackal Jackbox Jackrabbit Jacks'N'Joker Jacks, The Jackson, Ben Jacksquat Jade Jaded Past Jaded Reign Jaded Sun Jagged Edge U.K. Jaguar Blaze Jahnz, Michael Jail Jaimz, Steevi James Byrd Group, The James Young Group James, Jack James, Melvin James, Tommy Jamie's Law Jamilya Jamison, Jimi Jan Holberg Project, The Jane Doe Janny Lee Jannylee Janstate January Rose Janz, Paul Jason Bonham Band, The Jato Jaugernaut [a.d.] Jaugernaut Javan Jax Jeerk Jeff Austin Project, The Jeff Cosco / Don Mancuso Jeff Cosco and Times Square Jeffries, Gary Jekyll and Hyde Jeremiah Freed Jerry-Kelly Jerusalem Slim Jerusalem Jesse Bolt Jesse's Powertrip Jessica Prouty Band Jester Jonze Jester's Crown Jester's Destiny Jester Jet 68 Jet Black Jet Circus Jet Trail Jet Vanish Jet Jetliner Jezebel's Tower Jillian Jim Jim Peterik and World Stage Jimi Jamison and Jim Peterik Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes Jitters, The Jo Dog and Paul Black's Sonic Boom Joal Joe Bruce and 2nd Avenue Joe Elliott's Down 'n' Outz Joe Perry Project, The Joel Hoekstra's 13 Joey C. Jones and the Glory Hounds John 5 John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band John Miles Band John Thomas John Young Band Johnny Burning Johnny Law Johnny Lee Michaels Revenge Johnny Van Zant Band, The Johnsen, Ranveig Johnson, Damon Johnson, Don Johnson, Frank Jojo Joker (Brazil) Joker Jon Butcher Axis, The Jonah Koslen and The Heroes Jonas Ridge Jonathan M Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights Jones Street Jones, Jeff Jones, Mick Jones, Steve Joneses, The (II) Jonny's Bomb Jono Jordan, Keven Jordan, Marc Jorn Lande and Trond Holter Josephine's Quarantine Josette Joshua Joy Machine Judge Mercy Juicy Lucy Jukebox Heroes Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast Juliet's Vice Juliet Jump The Gun Jump The Wall Junebug Jungle Blue Jupiter Juraya Just Say Joe Just Strait Just-If-I Justice4 Justice Justin Sane Jynx K. West KBC Band KC Rose KINGOFTHEHILL KTD KXM Kage Kah-Boom! Kaisas Kalista Kama-X Kanga, Karl Karla Karma Cowboys Karma To Burn Karmakanic Karo Karr, Tim Katmandu Kavla Kay, Vinnie Keagy, Kelly Keane, John Keane Keats Keel, Ron Keeling, Kelly Keen Hue Keldian Kelley Wild Kelley's Heroes Kelli, Andy Kelly Keeling/Carmine Appice Keltner, Lance Ken Tamplin and Friends Kenilworth Kennedy, Ray Kenny McGee's Disease Kens Dojo Kenziner Kepic, Barish Kerns, Todd Kerygma Child Kevin Lee and the Lonesome City Kings Key West Key, The Keystone Kharma Khigh Khryse Khymera Kick Kickhunter Kickstart Kid Cyote Kid Ego Kid Sin Kid Wicked Kidd Blue Kidd Glove Kidd Khaos Kidd Nasty Kidd Robin Kidd Skruff Kiddin' Crew Kik Tracee Kill City Dragons Killer Bee Killer Klowns Killer May Killer Killing Time Killinger Kilswitch Kilzer, John Kimball Jamison Kimball, Bobby Kimmel, Tom Kin King James King Size King Zebra King for a Day King of Balance King of Hearts King of Kings King of Spades King's Call King's Crowd Kingdom Of Desire Kingdom Kingdragon Kings Machine, The Kings of the Sun Kingsize Kingsuite Kino Kipner, Steve Kirk Kishman, Tony Kiske / Somerville Kiske, Michael Kiss of the Gypsy Kissin' Dynamite Kite, The Klaatu Klaxon Klimax Klippert, Billy Klose, Mia Knack, The Knight Area Knight Crawler Knights Reign Know Illusion Knucklebone Knyght Koma Red Kon Chauvi Konkurent Koo, The Kooga Korea Koritni Koslen, Jonah Kotzev, Nikolo Kourosh Kramer, Paul Krazie Ace Kresta Kristo, Aaron Kruk Kry, The Kryst the Conqueror Krystal Tears Krystal Krystyl Kryton Kultakuume Kuprij, Vitalij Kuzzin It Kwang Kyd Trigger Kyle, Jaime Kyzon Köksal, Cem L.A. Cowboys, The L.A. Knights L.A. L.O.U.D. L.R.S. L.U.S.T. La Fase La Marca La Paz La Rox LaBarge, Bernie LaRitz, Jamie LaValle Labansky Labossiere, Marc Ladder, The (Overland) Ladder, The Laden Lady Blush Lady Macbeth Lady Sabre Lafrance, Marc Laine, Paul Laine, Rick Lamont, Joe Lamorna Lance Lancelot Lancia Landberg, Jayce Landslide Lane, Lana Lane Laneslide Laney's Legion Laney, Chris Laos Lapointe Larin, Liz Larrson, Thomas Lasse Edin And The Outsiders Last Act, The Last Adam Last Cry Last Hard Men, The Last Man Standing Last Temptation Last Vegas, The Late Nite Romeo Laudamus Lauvland, Dag Law, The Lawdy Lawless Lawrence, Jimmy Lawry, John Lawsuit Lazarus Lazy Bonez Lazy Jane Lazy Susan Le Mans LeCompt Leach, David Leaded Fuel Leather Lebocat Lec Zorn Project, The Lecar, Vick Lee Z Lee, Geddy Lee, Kevin Lee, Larry Lee, Tommy Leese, Howard Left for Dead Legacy (Canada) Legbone Legend (AOR) Legend (IV) Legend (US MA) Legend Seven Legend Leggat Leggz Legion Lemon Crush Lenny Wolf's Germany Leonard The Dog Leroy Les Lolitas Leslie, Paul Lesperance, Pete Less Than 4 Lessmann / Ziller Letchen Grey Letter 7 Letter X Level 10 Level Lewis, Phil Lex Rex Leyden Zar Liaison Liar Liberty N' Justice Lick And A Promise Lickity Split Licx Liddle, Tony Liesegang, Billy Liesegang/White Life After Death Life Sex and Death Life Lifeforce Lifeline Lifer Light, The Light Lightspeed Limited Warranty Limousine Linda And The Punch Line Up Line of Fire Line-Up In Paris Linehouse Linman Lion Heart Lion's Pride Lion's Share Lioncage Lions and Ghosts Lip Service Lipstick (2) Lipstick Magazine Lipstick Lipstik Lipstixx 'N' Bulletz Liquid Fire Liquid Mirror Liquid Sunday Lite Litterer Little Big Little Little Caesar Little Kings Little Rebel Little Steven Little Tango Little Yankees Live Tongue Liverani, Daniele Livgren, Kerry Living Insanity Living Loud Livit Lizard Lizhard Lock Up Locks, Goldy Locomotive Breath Locomotive Dream Lodestone Logan, Oni Logan/Robertson Logan London Calling London Cowboys Lone Age Lonely Heart Lonero Lonewolf Lord Grey Lord Lorraine (glam) Lorraine Los Angeles Los Autos Locos Lost And Found Lost Angel Lost Boyz (Germany) Lost Boyz, The Lost Cause Lost City (Sleaze Glam) Lost City Lost Johnny Lost Weekend Lost, The Lostboys Lotus Lou Gramm Band, The Loud At Least! Loud Crowd Loud House Loud Lion Loud Silence Loud and Clear Louden, Robert Loudguns Loudshine Love Affair Love Chain Love Child Love Hunter Love Life Love Machine Love On Ice Love Razors Love Saves The Day Love and War Love'N Rebellion Love.Might.Kill Lovebite Lovebone Lovechild Loveless, The Lovemongers, The Lover Under Cover Lovering Lovers Lane Loveslide Lovetrick Lovewar Loving Dead, The Lowside Lucas, Dan Lucifer Was Lucifer's Friend Luley Luv Hunter Luv Junkies Lyadrive Lydian Sea Lydian Lyin Rampant Lynam Lynn Allen Lynx (Belgium) Lynx (Canada) Lynx Lynzee Red Lyon King Lyriel M Pire M and R Rush M.O.B M.T. Eyes M80 MPG (Retrospect) MVP Ma Kelley Mac Beth Mac, Kenny Mach 1 Mach 5 Machinegun Kelly Mad Love Madam I'm Adam Madam Made In Heaven Madhouse Madhouze Madison Madman Justice Madman's Lullaby Madmax Maestro Alex Gregory Magdalen Magdallan Magellan Magenda Maggie's Dream Magic Garden Magness, Cliff Magnificent, The Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Mai Rouge Main Attraction Main Line Riders Mainstreet Majesty (melodic) Majesty Major Instinct Major N.A. Majors, Kristy Krash Majors, Kristy Makbeth Mala Medicina Malachia Malicious Mischief Malicious Mallet Malloy Malloz Malone, Shayne Mama Kettle Mama Kin Man Doki Man Raze Mancuso, Don Mandrake Root Manic Eden Manila Thrills Manitoba's Wild Kingdom Mann-Dude, Guy Mannerheim Mantas Manteye Mantissa Mara Marathon (AOR) Marathon Marc Ferrari and Friends Marcello/Vestry Marchello Marchosias Vamp Marcus Mardones, Benny Mariah Marino, Frank Marionette Mark Allen Band Mark Pogue and Fortress Mark St. John Project Mark Varney Project Mark, J.C. Markonee Mars Electric Mars Marsh, Seth Marshall, John Martin's Dam Martin, Marilyn Martin, Rafa Mary Jane Mary Rose Mary's Rest Mary-Ann Marya Roxx Maryscreek Masi Mason Masque Masquerade (II) Masquerade (U.S.) Mass Mastermind Masterstroke Mata Hari (prog) Mathews, Rick Matrex Matrix Mattador Matthew J Mattson Mattsson Maverick Max, The Maximum Maxus Maxx Dolls Maxx Explosion Maxx, Edde Maxxwell May Child May Run May, Brian May, Raymond May-Linn Mayfield Four, The Mazeran McAuley, Robin McDonald, Brian McMeans, John Porter McNeill, Dugan Me Generation, The Meadia, The Mean Venus Mechanix Medalyon Medieval Steel Medusa (USA) Medusa Megaforce Megaton Blonde Megattack Meghan Meinert, Kim Melidian Melodica Memphis Messiah Mendenhall, Dave Mendoza, Marco Meniketti, Dave Meniketti Mennen Mercury Fang Mercy Rule Meroe Merri Hoaxx Merzy Message Messano Messenger Messiah Prophet Messiah's Kiss Metal Age Metal Majesty Metal Rose Metal Scent Metalwolf Metalworks Metharia Metro Miami Riot Michael Hughes Project Michael Men Project Michael Schenker / Pete Way Michael Thompson Band Michael White and The White Michael, Louis Michaels, Bret Michele Luppi's Heaven Midnight Angel Midnight Blue Midnight Flyer Midnight Hero Midnight Sky Midnight Sun Midnight Midnite Club Midnite Eve Midpoint Midway Midwest Miles Above Miles, Jay Millenium Miller, Donnie Miller, Robin Million Dollar Beggars Million Dollar Reload Mills, Tony Mination Mind Bomb Mind of Doll Mindfunk Mindgames Mindless Mindstorm Mindwork Mines Mirage Mirror Mirror Mirror Miss B Haven Miss Crazy Miss De Lane Miss Treater Missing Tide Missionary X Mississippi Sludge Misslead Mister Strange Mistreated (Melodic Metal) Mistreated Misty Rox Mitchell, Larry Moahni Moahna Mobius Mobstar Modest Attraction Mogg/Way Mojo Bros. Mojo Gurus Mojo Rib Mollo-Martin Molotow Mom's Rocket Mommy Dearest Mona Liza Overdrive Monarch Money, Eddie Money Moneytalks Monkey Business Monkey Cocktail Monkey See Monkeyhead Monkeyhouse Monomakh Monro Monster Monsterbore Montazh Montreal Moon Dog Mane Moon'Doc Moon, The Moonland Moonshine Moore, Gary Moore, Kevin Moore, Pamela Morales, Michael Moratti, Rob Moratti Morley, Luke Morning Wood Morningstar Morse Code Mother Love Bone Mother Mercy Mother Nature Mother Road Mother Station, The Mother's Eyes Motherland Motherlode (USA) Motherlode Mothers Army Motor City Rockers Motor Dolls Motor Sister Motorbaiks Motorcycle Boy Movies, The Moving Pictures Moxy Roxx Mozart Mr Reality Mr. Clean Mr. Dangerous Mr. Deltoid Mr. Green Mr. Hate Mr. Ice Mr. Lucky Mr. Meana Mr. Meaner Mr. Naughty Mr. Perfect Mr. Scary Munich Munkes, Rolf Murder Bay Murder of My Sweet, The Murderdolls Murderer's Row Murdock, Robert Murdock Music Station My Band My Darkest Days My Little Funhouse Myland Mylon and Broken Heart Mysterell Mystery (Australia) Mystery (II) Mystery Bloom Mystery Mystic Game Mystic Healer Mysticity N.O.W NE4 NRG NVS Naked (Scandi) Naked City Naked Rain Naked Sun Nalle Pahlsson's Royal Mess Nantucket Naro, Phil Naro Nasty Habit (Glam) Nasty Habit (Sleaze Rock) Nasty Habit Nasty Kixx Nasty Nasty Nasty Nuns Nasty Ratz Nasty Nastys, The Nation (Swiss) Nation Nations Native Window Naughty Jane Naughty Naughty Naughty Whisper Nazty Habit Neal Schon and Jan Hammer Needle Park Negus Neighborhoods, The Neil Norman/Bobby Sexton Neo A4 Neon Bomb Neon Cross Neondaze Neonfly Nerbus Rex Network (1970s) Network Neurotic Outsiders Nevada Beach Never On Sunday Never-Never Neverland (Prog) Nevermore New American Shame New Black, The New Clear Daze New Device New Dynasty New Frontier New Jerusalem New Legend New Monkees New Regime New Roses, The New Sun New Tattoo Newcity Rockers Newman, Troy Newman Next, The Nice'N'Rough Night By Night Nightlife Nightstrike Nikki Cruze Nikki Foxx Nikki Puppet Nilsen, Age Sten Nilsson, Tommy Nine -T- Nine Nine 24 Nineteen88 NiteRain Nitemare Nitro Tokyo Nitroz-X Niva Nize Boyz No Credit No Exqze No Justus No Love Lost No More Johnny No Possession Blues No Romeo No Shame Noah Noise Boys Noiseworks Noize Boyz, The Non Iron Norden Light Nordic Union Nordica Norgren, Pontus North Sar Northern Light Northrup, JK Northwind Norum, John Norum, Tone Notorious Nouveaux Novacaine Novak Novella Novo Combo Now, The Noyz Nu-Damage Nubian Rose Nuclear Valdez Nympho Nymphs O'Regan O'Ryan O'brien, Michael O'dette OO Janet Obzcure Ocean Ochsenknecht Octane October Project Off Broadway Off the Edge Ohmwork Ohrenfeindt Oien Okey Oksala, T.T. Ole Oliva Oliver Dawson Saxon Oliver/Dawson Saxon Omega Highway On The Rocks On the Rise One 2 One One Eyed Gypsy One Man's Trash One Onetwo Oney Only Child Ontray Open Fire Open Skyz Open Up Featuring Morton Holm Operation: Mindcrime Optimystical Opus Oracle Order, The Orfan Anny Original Sinners Orion the Hunter Orleans Orphan Orta, Pete Oshin Oslo Otherside Otherworld Ousey, Chris Out Of The Blue Out of Order Out-Fit Outlaw Blood Outloud Outpatience, The Outrage, The Outrider (Southern Rock) Outrider Over the Edge Overdose Kids Overdrive Overland Overloaded Oxido Oxygen Ozone Ozz P.O.W.E.R. PM PMS (PSYCHOMENINSIDUS) Pact, The Pad Of Pain Padovani, Lelio Pages Pain And Passion Pain Station Pain Pair A Dice Palacios, Tony Palmer, Rosanna Palmer, Tom Palumbo, John Panama Pandance Pandemonium Pandora's Box Pandoras, The Pangea Panik Panram Panzer Princess Papa Roach Paradice Paradise (AOR) Paradise Inc. Paradox (Canada) Paragon Parallels Parber and Kerstein Parche Pariah Paris Keeling Paris, Jeff Paris Parish Parmesan Parry, Ian Partner Partners In Crime (Germany) Pasquale, Joe Passion (Melodic) Passion (swo) Passion Play Passion Risk Passion Rose Passion Street Passion Temple Passion Pat McManus Band Pata Pathosray Patrick, Steven Patriot Patton, Robbie Paul Gilbert and Freddie Nelson Paul Godfrey Band, The Paul Pope/Robbie Rist Paul Raymond Project Paul Reed Smith Band, The Paul Rodgers and Company Paul Shortino and the Rhythm Junkies Paul Shortino's The Cutt Paul Shortino/JK Northrup Pavic Pawnshop Diamonds Peace and Quiet Pearce, David Mark Pearls and Swine Pearls at Swine Pearly White Pedro Botero Peepshow Penny Black Penny Lane (Germany) Penny Lane Peo Peppermint Creeps Perfect Affair Perfect Crime (Russia) Perfect Crime Perfect Picture Perfect Stranger Perfect Strangers Perfect World Peril Permanent Fixx Perry, Joe Perry, Mitch Perseo Persian Risk Persona Pete Moss Pete Sandberg's Jade Peter Stevens Band Peterik, Jim Peterik/Scherer Petovar, David J. Peyronel, Danny Peyronel, Michel Phantom Park Pharaoh Pharoah Phase 4 Phazer Phenomena Philadelphia Phoenix Down Phoenix Rising Phoenix Piece Dogs Pierce (Sweden) Pierce Pillbox Pink Dolls Pink Flamingos Pinnick, Dug Pintsize Piss Factory Pitt Crew Place Called Rage Place Vendome Places Of Power Planet 3 Planet Alliance Planet P Project Planet Thirteen Planethard Plastics, The Platens Platinum Blonde Platinum Jar Platinum Rose Platinum Platitude Playgrind Playground Hero Pleasure Addiction Pleasure Bombs Pleasure Dome Pleasure Maker Plenty Plunge Plunkett, Steve Pocket Rockets, The Poet and The Dragon, The Poetic Justice Poets and Pornstars Point Of Power Poisin Jett Gunz Poker Face Pokerface Polak, Milan Pole Position Poley-Pichler Poley/Rivera Polution Pompei Nights Pontus Snibb 3 Pooh Poor, The Portrait Position Potliquor Pound of Flesh Powell, Cozy Powell, Mick Powerage Powerglide Powerplay Powers, Lance Pratt, John Preacher Stone Prescott, Pete Press, The Pretty Boy Floyd (Canada) Pretty Boy Pretty Little Suicide Pretty Wild Preview Price, Bill Price, Rick Price-Sulton Pride (Hard Rock) Pride (Sweden) Pride Prima Donna Primal Heart Prime Suspect Priscilla Prisoner Private Angel Private Eye Private Life Prizoner Problem Child (Glam) Problem Child Producers, The Project Arcadia Project L.E.E Project X Project: Storm Promotion Proto-Kaw Prototype Prowler Pryer Pseudo Echo Psicofonia Psorce, The Psychedelic Cowboy Psychic Pilgrims Psycho Circus Psychotic Pain Public Domain Pump Pure Inc. Purple Angels Purple Cross Purple Haze Purple Heart Purple Lake Purple Raven Purtag Push (Glam) Push UK Puzzle View Pyramid Q/36 Quantum Fuzz Quarterback Quattro Queen of Spades Queen with Paul Rodgers Queeny Blast Pop Quest, The Quest Questionnaires Quota Qwest R.A.W. R.I.F.F.S. RPM RTZ Ra's Dawn Ra Rabbit Hill Rabin, Trevor Rachel Rachel Radio Active Cats Radio Moscow Radio Silence Radio Sun, The Radioactive Rafferty Rule Raftree Ragdoll (australia) Ragdoll Rage and Beyond Rage n' Rox Rage of Angels (UK) Rage of Angels Rage Ragged Saints, The Raging Slab Rags (USA) Rags Railjack Union Railway Rain'N'Steel Raindancer Raine Rainmaker (USA) Rainmaker Raise Cain Raised On Mars Raising Kane Rakel Traxx Raleigh, Kevin Ralph Graham and Day III Ram Rambler Ramesh Ramos-Hugo Ramos Rampage Random Eyes Random Randy Coven Band, The Randy Piper's Animal Range War Ransom (AOR) Ransom Rash Behavior Raspberry Park Rat Alley Rat Bat Blue Rat Knuckles Rat Pack Rat Race, The Rata Blanca Rated X (2) Rated X Rattlebone (Hard Rock USA) Rattlebone Rattleshake Rattlesnake Remedy Rattlesnake Shake Rattlin' Bones Ravyns, The Raw Trixx Rawk Kandy Rawkon Ray Wheeler and The Edge Razamanaz Razor Baby Razor Kane Razor White Razzle (Lit) Razzle Dazzle Razzle Readman, David Real Steel Reason Rebel Toys Rebelene Recker Reckless (Female) Reckless (II) Reckless (III) Reckless Abandon (2) Reckless Abandon Reckless Faith Reckless Youth Reckless Recon Red 7 Red Alert Red Balloon Red Baron Red Cinder Red Dogs Red Dragon Cartel Red Fun Red Heat Red Hush Red Moon Red Sea Red Siren Red Sky Mary Red Sky Redline (US) Redline Redrum Reds'Cool Redstorm Reece - Kronlund Reece, David Reece Refugee (CCM) Refugee (Canada) Regatta Regent St. Claire Regime Regulators, The Reignstorm Reingold Relapsed Relay Remain The Same Remedy Stone Renegade (II) Renegade Five Reno, Mike Reporter Reptile Smile Reputation Rescue Restless (US) Restless Souls Restless Resto, Mario Resurrection Kings Revenge Revlon Red Revolution Child Revolution Hazy Revolution Riot Revolution Road Reward Rex Hunter Rex Rez Rhapsody Sweden Rhythm Circus Rhythm House Riccochet Richards Crane Richards, The Richie Kotzen / Greg Howe Richie Ranno Group Richrath Rick Springfield-Jeff Silverman Riddler Riff Raff (Germany) Riff Raff (Hard Rock) Riff Raff Riff Riggs Ringleader Riot Act Rival Rivermaya Road Dawgs Road Ratt Road To Ruin Roadfever Roadkill Roadmaster Roadstar Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation Roberts, David Robin George / Glenn Hughes Robin Trip Robin Trower / Jack Bruce Robin Rock Boulevard Rock City Angels Rock Goddess Rock Machine Rock Rose Rock Star Supernova Rock Sugar Rock'O Rock, Andy Rock, Rick Rockamora Rockarma Rockaway Rockband Rockets to Ruin Rockets Rockett, Rikki Rockford Heroes, The Rockhead Rockit King, The Rockupuncture Rodgers, Paul Rods, The Rogers Jr., Kenny Rok Hollywood Rokbox Roko Rolaf, Scott Roll, The Roller Romeo Delite Romeo Slam, The Romeo Ron E. Kayfield's Saints and Sinners Ronander, Mats Rondinelli Room Experience Roper, Ray Roq Royale Rosacruz Rosanna's Raiders Rossington Band, The Rossington Roth, David Lee Roth, Uli Jon Rott Sox Rough Diamonds Rough Justice Rough Roulette (Hard Rock) Roulette (Sweden) Roulette Roxanne Roxas, Juno Roxus Roxx, Marya Roxx, The Roxx Roxxess Roxy Lane Roy Last Group Royal Blood Roze Rozy Coyote Rubber Rubicon Cross Rubicon Ruckus Ruggeri Project Rukkus Rumble Doll Rumble Tribe Rumble Rumbledog Runner Running The Risk Russell Russia Russian Roulette Rust 'N' Rage Ryan, Brett Ryan, Frank Rydell and Quick Ryser, Jimmy S'aint America S.A.Y S.E.X. Department S.O.S. SAS Band SMF STS 8 Mission Saber Tiger Saber Sabre Jet Sabu, Paul Sabu Sacked Out Sherry Sacred Heart Sacred Reign Sacred Season Sacred Site Sad But True Saddle Tramp Saddletramp Safe Haven Saffire Safire Sage (Michigan) Sage Sahara Rain (Swiss) Sahara Rain Sahara Snow Sahara Steel Sahara Sahin feat. Ludvik Saint (AOR) Saint Deamon Saint Saker Salan, Jorge Salute Salvage Sammy Hagar and The Circle Samson (Argentina) Samson Sanchez Sandberg, Pete Sandness Sandra Dee Sank Rock Santolla, Ralph Sapphire City Sapphire Eyes Sara Sucks Saracen Saraceno, Blues Sarah Sarasin A.D. Sardonyx Sargant Fury Sassy Scarlet Satan Dealers Satanicide Sateria Sator Satrox Savage Affair Savage Rose Savage Savannah Savers Saving Abel Savino Say Colour Say Sayit Saylor, David A Scam Scandal Scarborough, Christian Scarecrow Scarlet (2) Scarlet (II) Scarlet Blue Scarlet Bride Scarlet Rayne Scarlet Red Scarlet, Richie Scarlet Scarlett and Black Scary Hairy Scatter Creek Scheff, Jason Schenker / Barden Acoustic Project Schiliro, Angi Schizophrenic Circus Schlitt, John Schmidt, Torben Schriek Schroeder Schubert Schuler, Clint Schutt, Gary Schwartz, Eddie Sciuto, Michael Sciuto, Tony Scorpio Rising Scott Allen Project Scott Stewart and the Other Side Scraggly Jane Scrapple Scream Clan Scream Freedom Scream in Eden Scream Screamin' Lords, The Screaming Jets, The Screaming Santas, The Seals, Dan Seasons In Color Sebasrockets Second Sight Second Way Secret Smile Secret Sphere Sect. 8 Sedona (France) Sedona Seduce Seductive Luck See No Evil Seeing Red Seever, Jay Sencelled September Seraiah Sergeant Steel Sergeant Serious Black Serious Jokers Serpentine Sky Serpentine Seven Ltd Seven Seals Seven Skys Seven Tears Seven Ten Seventh Key Seventh Rize Seventh Seal Seventh Son (Canada) Seventh Son Seventh Veil Seventh Wonder Seventhsign Seventrain Sex Action Sex Slaves Sex Solution Sex and Patriotism Sexcess Sexdrive Sextiger Shadow King Shadow Shadowqueen Shadows Fade Shag Shagreen Shake The Faith Shake the Jungle Shake, The Sham Shaman Shameless (California) Shameless Shanahan, Bernie Shanghai (2) Shanghai Shank Rock Shannon Sharkattack Sharon Sharp Brothers Inc. Sharp Edges Shaw, Curt Shawna Shayle Shea Roxi Sheehan, Billy Sheela Sheer Greed Shel Shoc Shelter Red Shelter, J.T. Sherbs, The Shine, The Shinedown Shineth Ship Of Dreams Shiraz Lane Shock, The Shockwave Shogun Shok Paris Shokker Shorrock, Glenn Shortino Shot Gone Shotgun Alley Shotgun Revolution Shotgun Sally Shotgun Wedding (USA) Shotgun Wedding Shotz Shout (Escape Music) Shout (Poland) Shut Up And Drive Shy Tiger Shyboy (Ger) Shyboy Siam Sic Vikki Sick Puppies Sick Six Crush Side Kixx Sideburn Sidewalk Sierra Sign of 4 Sign of the Times Sign, The Sign Silence (France) Silence Silent Call Silent Cry Silent Edge Silent Force Silent Hero Silent Knight Silent Majority Silent Witness Silent Silicone Sister Silly Scream Siloam Silver Dirt Silver Ginger 5 Silver Needle Silver R.I.S.C Silver Samurai Silver Shadow Silver Star and the Jukebox Angels Silver Tears Silver Silverhead Silverspoon Simanic, Slav Simmons, Gene Simmons, Patrick Simon Chase Simple Service Simply Slang Sin City (II) Sin City Sinners Sin City Sin Dizzy Sin/City Sinclair Sindicate Sing Sing (Europe) Sing Sing and the Crime Sing Sing Sinn Sinner, Mat Sinnocence Sinopoli Sir Edward Sircle of Silence Sister Double Happiness Sister Red Sister Sin Sister Sky Sister Sisters Doll Six Feet Under Six Pack Floozy Six To Nine Sixty-10 Sixx: A.M. Skandal Skansis Skawalker Skawinski, Grzegorz Skeleton Crew Skeletor Skill in Veins Skillet Johnson Skin Deep Skin Diver Skin Kandy Skin Tag Skin Skininc. Skinny Horse Skintrade Skitzotik Sko/Torp Skrapp Mettle Skull Daze Skull Skyhigh Skyline Slack, Keith Slade II Slain Slam Alley Slam Bang Slam Savvy Slam St. Joan Slam, The Slamer Slammin' Gladys Slang Slappy White Slaughter, Mark Slave 1 Slave Raider Slave To The System Slears Sleazer Sleazy Joe Sleazy Lee Sleazy Roxxx Sleazy Roze Sleazy Way Out Sleazy Sledge Sledgehammer Ledge Slice Slick Kitty Slick Lilly Slick Moon Slick, Earl Slide Rare Slippery Lip Slippery Slogan Sloman, John Slop Jar Slumlords Slutfreax Sluts Crazy Slyboy Slyce Slydog Slyside Small, Lee Smart, Wayne Smeer Smelly Boggs Smilek Smith, Rex Smith, Stuart Smoked Lizard Lips Smokey Bandits Smokin' Aces Smyth, Patty Snakebite Snakepit Rebels Snakeryder Snakes, The Snakeskin Cowboy Snew Snider, Dee Snow White Snow Snowball Snowblind Snowblynd Snowfall Snyder, Ken Snydly Crunch So! Social Disgrace Soho 69 Soho Roses Sojourn Soldier Soleil Moon Solinger Solna Solus Rex Somapala, Chitral Something Wicked Son of a Bitch Sonic Debris Sonic Jungle Sonic Lords Sonic Station Sonic Walthers, The Sonic X Sons Of God Sons of Angels (Japan) Sora Sosa, Patricia Soto Soul Angel Soul Circus Soul Kitchen Soul Seller Soul Shock Remedy Soul Tramp Souls Of We Soulshake Sound Trip Sound of Eternity Soundtracks Southern Axent Southern Rock Allstars Southern Sons Southpaw Space Age Playboys Spanky Lee Sparklands Speak Easy Spearfish Speds, The Speed Limit Speed Parade Speed Stroke Speed Speedway Blvd Speedy Gonzales Spellbound (Spain) Spellbound (USA) Spence, Brian Spencer / Bullock Sphinx Spiced Ice Spider Spike and Tyla's Hot Knives Spike Spin 1ne 2wo Spin Gallery Spina and Sullivan Spiro, Mark Splash Split Image (Florida) Split Image Spoyld Springer, Scott Springfield, Rick Spy Spycastle Spys Square One Squareheads Squealer Squier, Billy St. Clair St. Elmo's Fire St. Holmes, Derek St. James, Roni St. John, Mark St. Kick St. Prostitute St. Thomas St. Warren Stairway Stampede Stan Bush and Barrage Stancy Stand, The Stand Stanley, Paul Star Collector Star Rats Star Star Stargazer Starry Eyes Stars Underground Starwood State Of Mind State Of Rock State of Salazar State, The Stateline Statement States of Panic Station Staxx Steadlur Stealin Horses Steel Breeze Steel Web Steele, Chad Steele, Sally Steele Steelhouse Lane Steelshine Steelwind Steelwings Steffanie Steinhardt/Moon Stella Blackrose Stella Kidd Stella Maris Stencil Forest Stereo Nasty Stetna Steve Grimm Band Steve McQueen Band Steve Whitney Band Stevens, Jon Stevie Salas Colorcode Stewart, Ian James Sticky Sweet Stigsson, Bjorn Stikki Fykk Stiletto (AOR) Stiletto (Canada) Stiletto Heels Stiletto Still Alive Still At Large Still Rain Stingray Stitch Stone Angel Stone By Stone Stone Fury Stone Romeo Stone Soup Stone, Steve Stonebreed Stonewall-Weekend Stonewashed Stoney Bone Child Storm (Female Fronted), The Storm, The Storm Stormbringer Storming Heaven Stormwave Stormwitch Storyteller Strader, Johnny Stradlin, Izzy Straightway Stramonio Strana Officina Stranded Strange Advance Strange Karma Strange Sects Stranger (Germany) Stranger Strangers Strangeways Stratus Strawman Stream (Canada) Stream Street Fighter Street Kidz Street Legal Street Talk Street Toyz Streetboy Streetlight Circus Streetwise Stress Strict-Nine Strider Strike Twice Strikeforce Striker Strip Adicktion Strongheart Strut Strutt Strutter Stryder Strykken Stump, Joe Stun Leer Stupid Angel Stutz Submytion Subway Rats Subway Sudden Impact Sudden Thunder Sugarcreek Suicide Alley Suicide Circus Suicide Twins, The Suite 19 Suite Oblivion Sultan Summer, Joey Summers Summit, The Sun City Kings Sun N Steel Sun Red Sun Sundogs Sunset Strip Sunshine Jive Sunstorm SupaRed Supagroup Supercharger (Denmark) Supercharger Supershit 666 Superstitious Superzero Sure Conviction Sure Surface Tension Surprise Surprises Surrender (3) Surrender (II) Surrender Dorothy Surveillance Suspicion Sustain Sven Gali SwaggerJack Swak Swallows Swampdawamp Swedish Erotica Swedish Hitz Goes Metal Sweeney Todd Sweeney, Mark Sweet Alibi Sweet Cheater Sweet Comfort Band Sweet Crystal Sweet Cyanide Sweet F.A. Sweet Killer Sweet Pain Sweet Sybil Sweet Water Sweet and Lynch Sweet, Robert Swift Kick Switch Switchblade Scarlett Switchblade Swords Syanide Kick Syder Sydney Sykes, John Sykes Symon Sezz Synapse Syndia Syre Syrym Sysex Syzzy Roxx T and N T'Bell T-Ride T.O. Joker TH Latona THD TKO TMG TNA (Tennessee) TRIKK TRW TSA TV In Flames TXS TabU Tafolla, Joey Taglieri, John Tainted Angel (II) Tainted Souls Taipan Takara Take, The Taken Taking Dawn Talk of the Town Tall Stories Talor Made Tamas Tami Show Tamplin, Ken Tang Dynasty Tang S'Dang Tangent Tangier Tank Tanner Tantrum (2) Tantrum Tara's Secret Tara Taramis Taraxacum Target Tarney/Spencer Band, The Tarrga Tate, Geoff Tattoo Bar Tattooed Love Boys Taupier Taurus Run Tax Free Taxxi Taylen Storm Taylor, Roger Taz Taylor Band Teaser Teaze Teer Teeze Tempest (II) Tempest (U.S. Indie HR) Tempest Temple Gods Temple Ten Inch Men Ten Seconds Over Tokyo Tenacity Tender Fury Tepper, Robert Teramaze Tercer Acto Terra Nova Terra Rosa Terra Terraplane (US) Terraplane Terrarosa The Big F The Metros Theander Expression, The Theory Of A Deadman Thick Richard Thieves Guild Thieves In The Temple Thieves and Liars Thieving Roy Thin Ice Things, The Think Out Loud Third Degree (NH) Third Degree Third Teeth Third Voice Thirdstone Thomas, Jake Thompson, Chet Thomsen Thomson, Steve Thorogood, George Those Charming Bastards Thousand Year Itch Thowsen Three Lions Thrill Hill Thrill Street Throne of Chaos Thrust Thrustt Thunder (Us) Thunder Tribe Thunderbox Thunderdikk Thunders, Johnny Thundershack Thundertrain Tick 60 Tidal Force Tiger Bay Tight Fit Tiles Tilt Tim Hall's If Tim Wright With Little Brother Time Gallery Timebeat Timeless Hall Timepeace Timmy Tims, Teri Tin Man Tintenfish Tipsy Road Tipsy Slut Tipsy Wit Tipton Entwistle and Powell Tipton, Glenn Titanic (France) Titanic Truth Titanic Toby and the Whole Truth Todd, Josh Toja Tokio Rose Tokio Tokyo Dragons Tokyo Rose Tokyo Tola Tola Tomalo Tommy Denander/Bruce Gaitsch Tommy Had A Vision Tomorrow's Child Tongue N Groove Tonk Tonto Tonto Tony Harnell and the Mercury Train Too Bad Top Heavy Top Johnny! Topas Topaz (Lite AOR) Topaz Torino Torme, Bernie Torme Tornado Babies Torok Toss 'N' Turn Total Eclipse Total Stranger Touch Tour de Force Touris Tower City Toxic Dollz Toxic Love Toxic Oscar Toxic Web Toy Matinee Toy Roz Toymaker's Dream Toys Of Joy Toyz Trace Tracer Tracii Guns' League of Gentlemen Track Tracy Starr Trade Mark Trade Wind Tradia Tragedian Tragedy Tragic Dream Tragic Hero Tragik Train Station Tramp's White Lion Trance Trancemission Trans Am Trans-Siberian Orchestra Transit Trash Brats Trash Broadway Trash Gang Trash Vegas Trash Trashcan Darlings Travers and Appice Traxter Treason (1993) Treason Treasure Treatment, The Tremonti Tres Chic Trespasser Triangle Tribal Frenzy Tribe of Judah Tributes Trigger, Daniel Trilogy Triple X Trippin' On Dolls Troka Trombi (Cashmir) Trophy, The Trouble Tribe Trouble True Brits Trust Boys Trytan Tsar Tsunami (Old Metal) Tsunami Tubes, The Tuff Luck (Indie HR) Tuff Luck Tunnel Turbo Red Turbulent Turi Turn, The Turn Turner, Erik Turning Point Tush Tusk Twelve at Dawn Twenty 4 Seven Two Fires Two Of A Kind Two or More Two-Bit Thief Tx Barryt Tyla Tyner, Rob Typhoon Tysper, Tommy Tytus Groan U-Turn U.S. U.S.B. US USA Rocks USA USM UUU Ugly Wanda Uhrich, Dave Ulf Ultimatum Ultranite Ultras, The Unchain Uncle C Residence, The Uncle Sally Uncle Sam Uncle Sid Undecided, The Under Fire Under Lock and Key Undercover (Canada) Undercover Underground Moon Underground Rebels, The Underride Union Mac Union, The Unique Unisonic United Fools Universe (Sweden) Unknown, The Unstoppable Kamikaze Idiots Until Rain Up All Night Upfront Upper Crust, The Uprising Urgent (Canada) Urgent Urghpolice UsBest Used Records Uthanda Uttaro Uzi Suite Uzzhuaia V, The V-Project V.A.N. V2 VFX VU, The VU Vacancy Vagabond Road Vagabond Vaillant, Cody Val, The Valdes, Robert Valensia/Valentine Valensia Valenti, John Valentine Saloon Valentine, Cindy Valerie Valet Parking Valor Vamp (2) Vamp Vampire Love Dolls Van Dan Van Helsing's Curse Van Manen, Ralph Van Stone Van Zant, Jimmie Van Zant, Johnny Vancouver Vandal Vandamne Vanderbuyst Vanderhoof Vanessa Vangouw Vanguard Vanity Blvd Vanity Kills Vanity Vast Vaughn, Danny Vaughn Vayne, Jerry Vedette SS Velcro Pygmies, The Velocity Velvet Revolution Velveteen Sky Vendetta (USA) Vendetta Venger's Diary Ventura, Paco Venus And Mars Vera Cruz Veralin Verity, John Verity Versital Vertex Vertigo (Canada) Vertigo Vertu Vescera, Michael Vestry, Frank Vibe A Tribe Vice (2) Vice (Melodic Metal) Vice Vicious Circle Vicious Delite Vicious Mary Vick Lecar's Blue Moon Victim Victor, David Victory Group Vie, Donnie Vigilants Vikstrom, Thomas Villan Vincent, Kyle Vincent, Phil Vincent Vinci Vindictiv Vintage Violent Divine Violet Iron Violin Key Virgin Blue Virginia Wolf Vishusgruv Vision 180 Vision Divine Vision Fields Vision Visionary Visitor Vital Escape Vital Signs Vitiken Vitrea Viva Vivid Crush Vivid Vogen Voices of Rock Vollmer Voltrage Volz, Greg X. Von Groove Von Rohr, Chris Voodoo Gypsy Voodoo Highway Voodoo Hill Voodoo Lovecats Voodoo Piston Voodoo Six Voodoo Smile Voodooland Vox Tempus Voxen Voyager (Prog) Voyager Voyeur W.A.N.T.E.D. W.E.T WWIII Wa Wa Nee Wagner, Jack Waite, John Wakeupcall Walk On Fire Walk The Chalk Walk the Wire Walker, Brett Walking With Kings Wall of Silence Wallenberg's Whiskey Hell Walsh, Steve Wanted (Indiana) Wanted (Norway) Wanted, The Wanted Ward, Matthew Wardance Warren, John Warrior Soul Warrior Warryor Wasted Sinners Watchmen Watson, Jeff Wave Waverly Lies North Way Station Way, The Waybill, Fee Wedge Wee B Toyz Weers, Oliver Weird Kong Well Well Well Wenzel, Scott Werner, Troy West Exit West of Sunset West, John West, Leslie West Westwood Wet Paint Wetton, John Wetton-Downes What If Wheeler, Bob Whimsy Whiskey Gypsy White (2) White Coast Rebels White Diamond White Lie White Lies (II) White Lies White Night White Russian White Sister White Spirit White Tears White Trash White Vision White Willow White Wolf White, Billy White, Craigger White Whiteburn Whiteface Whitford/St. Holmes Who Knows Wicked Angel Wicked Jester Wicked Kin Wicked Minds Wicked Ryhme Wicked Saints Wicked Sin Wicked Sins Wicked Teaze Wicked Temptation Widow Widowmaker (70s) Widows Rose Widows Wigelius Wighthouse Wanderland Wikked Gypsy Wikkerboxx Wild Accustica Wild Angelz Wild August Wild Bitch Wild Blue Wild Champagne Wild Dogs Wild Flag Wild Frontier Wild Horses (80s) Wild Lies, The Wild Mild, The Wild One Wild Ride Wild Side Wild Street Wild, Rudy Wilde, Danny Wilder Wildhorse Wildkard Wildland Wildlife Wildrose Wildside (Ax) Wildside Riot Wildstreet Wilkes Booth Will and the Kill Williams / Friestedt Williams, Jeff Williams, Joseph Willow Willstrand, Fredrik Wilson Brothers Windfall Windows, The Wings Of Steel Winner Winter Rose Winterland Wired Desire Wise Guy Wiser Sin Wishbone Wishdoctor Wishing Well Witch Bonnie Witch Without Love Witness Wittnezz Wolf, Don Wolfpakk Wood, Joseph Lee Wood, Mark Woods, Holly Woodstock Word of Honour Work Force Works, The World Affairs World Trade World XXI World on Edge Worlds Apart Worrall Wounded Cougar Wrabit Wraith Wrecking Crew Wretched Excess Wyred X Of Eden X-Caliber X-Hero X-Piracy X-Plicit X-Rated X-Ray X-izt XL New York XL XLR8 XOrigin XT XX Badboy XXX Xaja Xalt Xanadu Xavier Xcarnation Xciter Xcursion Xhibition Xillion Xntrik Xpress XsavioR Y YLD YOSO Ya Ya Ya-Men-Ja Yale Bate Yankee Heaven Yankee Yeah Bop Station Yo Yo Young Gun Young Guns Young Saints Young Turk Young and Fabulous! Young, James Young, Jesse Colin Youngblood Your Roses Yukon Yves Choir Z Plan Z-LOT-Z Z Zac Master Zaffire Zaffiro, David Zahalan Zambelis Zan, Zinny J. Zander, Robin Zanderhaus Zaneta Zar Zardoz Zee, Michael Zele Zero Division Zero Hour Zero Zhorn Zia Ziad Ziggurat Zillion Zingo Zion (Curci) Zippers, The Zodiac Mary Zoltan (Denmark) Zoltan Zon Zoo, The Zuka Zwarte Zychek Zötl
  7. heavyharmonies

    May 12 - New Audio Samples Added

    Click on any album cover below to go to the main site to listen.
  8. heavyharmonies

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    If only they were half as funny as they think they are. Schtick is a bit strong and the love fest... they should get a room. Music sounds good tho.
  9. heavyharmonies

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    Ok, gotta admit, that first single was better than I was expecting... shows much promise.
  10. heavyharmonies

    Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy

    Oh FUCK yeah! Can't wait. I know that some here can't stand them, but these guys can do no wrong in my eyes (and ears). Chord structure is very similar to Running Free.
  11. LET US BURN – ELEMENTS & HYDRA LIVE IN CONCERT Dutch symphonic rock band WITHIN TEMPTATION are thrilled to unveil a new live DVD/Blu-ray/2CD. ‘Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live In Concert’ is set for release on November 14 and features two of WITHIN TEMPTATION’s most talked about arena shows ever. The two dates are 2012’s resplendent 15th birthday ‘Elements’ concert and the final night of the ‘Hydra’ European arena tour at Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall in May 2014. When it comes to the live experience, Within Temptation’s status is of a league extraordinaire. These two performances showcase every nuance of their fierce reputation plus stunning imagery and special FX, including even giant fire-breathing dragons! In November 2012, WITHIN TEMPTATION challenged themselves to create one of their most impressive arena shows ever, to celebrate the band’s 15th birthday. The result was the one-off symphonic ‘Elements’ show, held at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. A dazzling event with 15,000 fans, the band’s dream came to life. Newly inspired, the group went forth to write their critically acclaimed sixth studio album ‘Hydra’. In early 2014, WITHIN TEMPTATION unleashed ‘Hydra’. This monster record claimed more than 10 European Top-10 chart positions, a #2 position in the iTunes World Charts, and the band’s highest US Billboard Top-20 chart position to date. The album success was followed by a 33-date European arena tour, selling out noted venues like Wembley Arena in London, Le Zenith in Paris, and the legendary Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam (twice). Over 15,000 fans joined the ‘Elements’ show celebrations and more than 120,000 fans witnessed the ‘Hydra’ beast on stage in Europe, but WITHIN TEMPTATION is far from done. The ‘Hydra’ world tour is currently in full swing in North America. With South America and Japan still to come, more than half a million fans will have seen WITHIN TEMPTATION by the end of this year. WITHIN TEMPTATION is renowned for releasing impressive live DVDs. Previous release, the best-selling ‘Black Symphony’ DVD, helped make them one of the most popular bands in their genre. At their recent Awards show in Berlin, Metal Hammer Germany presented WITHIN TEMPTATION with the prestigious Best Live Band Award. The new DVD underlines this title. ‘Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live In Concert’ will be released in four formats – DVD + 2CD, Blu-ray + 2CD, 2CD, and digital album. The DVD and Blu-ray contain 34 live audio visual tracks in HD, mixed in 5.1 Dolby Surround. The 2CD and digital album comprise 32 live audio tracks. The two shows have a running time total of approximately 170 minutes. ‘Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live In Concert’ is a treat for rock fans all over the world. Product Details for Within Temptation - Let Us Burn (Double CD + Blu-Ray - Live Album) - Blu-ray Release dates are Nov 14th Europe, Nov 17th UK, Nov 25th USA. Double CD + DVD - Live Album - Let Us Burn (Elements & Hydra Live in Concert) 8 panel DVD Digipack with 20 page booklet Elements Blu-Ray Tracklisting 01 Intro 02 Iron 03 In The Middle Of The Night 04 Faster 05 Fire and Ice 06 Our Solemn Hour 07 Stand My Ground 08 Angels 09 Sanctuary Intro 10 The Last Dance 11 Say My Name 12 Candles 13 Sinead 14 The Promise 15 Mother Earth 16 Ice Queen 17 Stairway To The Skies Hydra 1 Intro 2 Let Us Burn 3 Paradise (What About Us?) 4 Faster 5 Iron 6 Edge Of The World 7 In The Middle Of The Night 8 Dangerous 9 And We Run 10 Stand My Ground 11 Covered By Roses 12 Mother Earth 13 What Have You Done 14 Silver Moonlight 15 Whole World Is Watching 16 Sinead 17 Ice Queen Pack also contains double CD with Elements and Hydra on individual discs. (Same track order as Blu-Ray) Dan's comments: The pricing of the 2CD + Blu-Ray pack looks quite promising. The WT shop has it at $24.99 + S&H and Nuclear Blast has it for $22.99 + S&H. My guess is that once listed on Amazon it will be at a very decent shipped price for a Blu-Ray release.
  12. First single from a forthcoming solo album by the lead vocalist from WIthin Temptation. More laid back than WT's material, but I dig it.
  13. heavyharmonies

    Guns N Roses - Appetite for destruction super deluxe reissue?

    I hate shit like this where they combine CDs and vinyl rather than making separate versions for each format. It only jacks up the price. No way I'd spend even $179, as I'd never use the vinyl. For HARDKOR fans only.
  14. heavyharmonies

    Crying Steel - Stay Steel

    I'm surprised that there hasn't been any discussion of this new Tony Mills-fronted effort. I'm listening to it now, and while nothing groundbreaking, it's quite enjoyable if you enjoy classic melodic metal (think mid-late 1980s). There's nothing on Youtube that I can find, so I can't share a video, but I've got sound clips over on the main site: https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=3018&CDName=Stay Steel
  15. heavyharmonies

    Tremonti - A Dying Machine

    Quite tasty.
  16. heavyharmonies

    Issa - Run With The Pack

    I actually don't mind this new album. Won't win any awards, but it's an enjoyable listen. Her vox don't annoy me too terribly, unlike some others' reactions. It's a bit nasal at times, but I prefer that to heavily accented vocals, all things being equal. The album isn't as horrible as some here make it out to be.
  17. heavyharmonies

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    Yeah, the original Hardline album is literally one of the best releases of the last 30 years. Essential. I doubt it will be anything near that, given the softer Hardline tone that subsequent releases have taken, but one can dream...
  18. heavyharmonies

    Dokken new live reunion CD/DVD

    I'm listening to this album now, and I just have to ask, based upon live Dokken I've heard before... is this all truly live or is it following the recent trend of "livish" with vocals dubbed in the studio after the fact? The vocals just sound too clean and refined to me. Everything is perfectly on pitch. Either that or somehow they've stepped up their act vocally about 300%. Also, the crowd noise doesn't sound right. Listen to it throughout track 10, the Alone Again intro. It doesn't sound natural with respect to natural ebbs and flows one would expect. It seems canned. Call me cynical, but...
  19. heavyharmonies

    King of Kings, second album.

    I'm afraid that these would be questions for people associated with Geffen Records. The documents you have should have contact information for the signatories of any contracts at Geffen.
  20. heavyharmonies

    Board software upgrade

    Just upgraded the forum software. Please let me know if anything burned down, fell over, and sank into the swamp. -Dan
  21. heavyharmonies

    Saffire - Where the Monsters Dwell

    Perris Records is proud to release Sweden's hard rock band SAFFIRE "Where The Monsters Dwell" CD worldwide April 20th. For fans of 80's melodic hard rock like Deep Purple & Rainbow. Saffire was formed in 2005 when Victor Olsson and Dino Zuzic were in school together. The idea was to form a band based on old school melodic hard rock and heavy metal but add a modern twist to it. After months of searching and auditioning, the duo was joined by Magnus Carlsson, Martin Järbur and Gustav Elowson. In 2007 they recorded a first demo but soon after, Gustav had to leave the band and was replaced by then 17-year old Anton Roos, who had just won the Swedish Drum Solo Champion of the year contest. Another demo was recorded in 2008 and Saffire started playing shows in the local area, slowly making a name for themselves. In 2010 Martin was replaced by Tobias Jansson, and an EP was recorded and released. The band kept playing lot's of live shows and finally in 2013, Saffire signed with Inner Wound Recordings for the release of their debut album ”From Ashes to Fire”. The album was highly praised all over the world, and Rocknytt.net, Sweden's biggest rock website, put the album on their top 10 list of the best albums of 2013. Saffire went on to tour all over Scandinavia, playing some of the biggest festivals like Sabaton Open Air, Tons of Rock Gothenburg Sound Festival alongside bands like Slayer, Steel Panther, At the Gates and Sabaton. In November 2015 they released their second album "For The Greater Good". The album was, as its precursor, highly praised all over the world. In January 2016 they held a sold out release show in Gothenburg which followed by a co-tour together with Spiritual Beggars in the spring. During the summer of 2016 they played many of the big rock festivals in Sweden which includes Sweden Rock Festival, Metallsvenskan, Skogsröjet and Rock in Lisch together with artists like Queen, GHOST, Twisted Sister, The Hellacopters etc...
  22. heavyharmonies

    Dukes Of The Orient - s/t

    I'm really enjoying this album. It has a very Praying Mantis feel to it at times.
  23. heavyharmonies

    Stryper - God Damn Evil

    Just can't get into this album. Seems disjointed and Michael is shrieking just for the sake of shrieking. Oh, and that lead off track... what the everloving FUCK? Michael needs to say 147 Hail Marys for inflicting that abomination upon our ears.
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