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  1. Invisible_man

    Mad Max - 35

    this band is great!
  2. Invisible_man


    some tracks are better than others, but overall solid melodic hr.... Fly Away
  3. Invisible_man

    Degreed - s/t

    gotta have that 'live video", nice ballad
  4. Invisible_man

    Gioeli - Castronovo - Set The World On Fire

    pleasant melodic rock
  5. Invisible_man

    80's Euro and Italo favorites

    in light of the upcoming cup final, some more French pop/disco music from good old 80's seems appropriate Gold - Plus pres des etoiles Gerard Blanc - Une autre histoire Monte Kristo - Sherriy Mi Sai
  6. Invisible_man

    Treat - Tunguska

    found this on YT, Japanese tv special from 1990.... gotta love YT for rare things like this
  7. Invisible_man

    The Midnight

    new song, a ballad The Midnight - Lost Boy
  8. solo project from Marcus Meyn (Camouflage) M.I.N.E. - Dangerous (2018)
  9. Invisible_man


    nice track, discogs classifies it as Funk/Disco, I''ll go with it Larsen-Feiten Band - She's not in love (1980)
  10. Invisible_man

    Taste - Moral Decay

    title Moral Decay sounds like it's a hard rock or metal album not AOR
  11. Invisible_man

    ColdSpell - A New World Arise

    more good tunes Miles Away This is me
  12. catchy tune from Swedish project Leaderboard, reminded me of Pet Shop Boys Leaderboard - Tin Man (2018)
  13. Invisible_man

    Song of the Day

    classic AOR from Denmark, love the video too, especially when the guys are running across the street Skagarack - Don't turn me upside down (1987)
  14. Invisible_man

    DeVicious - Never Say Never

    consistently good tracks!
  15. Invisible_man

    Lebrock - Real Thing [EP] 2018

    yeah nice 80's style song

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