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  1. Invisible_man

    Jessica Wolff - Grounded

    Magic Castle
  2. pretty good melodic synthpop from Electronic Zoo, a project from Sweden Electronic Zoo - Shadows This heart is my own
  3. Invisible_man

    Steve Perry - Traces

    I think his recognizable voice is what's giving these songs that extra
  4. Invisible_man

    Lioncage - Turn Back Time

    sounds great! Love it!
  5. Invisible_man

    Mad Max - 35

    that's harsh... imho overall pretty good melodic hard rock
  6. Invisible_man

    Steve Perry - Traces

    new songs are pleasant, pretty mellow in sound. I wonder if Steve heard some of the new AOR acts out there like Find Me, Work of Art etc?
  7. Invisible_man

    Groundbreaker (Overland/Säll) - s/t

    All songs listed here are very good. I guess this is like Work of Art with Overland on vocals, good stuff
  8. Invisible_man

    Treat - Tunguska

    good point!
  9. Invisible_man

    Forgotten Finnish classics

    Finnish soft AOR, pretty good stuff Broadcast - Pasadena Sungodown Broadcast - You break my heart
  10. Invisible_man

    Acacia Avenue - Worlds Apart

    sounds like a good collection of melodic rock songs
  11. Invisible_man

    Treat - Tunguska

    no, you just have a low opinion of this album... very good album from start to finish...
  12. Invisible_man

    Songs with countries in the title

    Love in Siberia is one of my favorite European songs of the 80's (Danish version is called Kold Som Is). Here is another Laban song that has a country reference Laban - Russian Roulette (1987)
  13. Invisible_man

    Song of the Day

    some nice Italian AOR from the 80's, produced by Celso Valli Silence 2 feat Gordon Grody - So Much for Love (1984)
  14. Invisible_man

    Dynazty - Firesign

    good track!
  15. Invisible_man

    Hearts On Fire - Call Of Destiny

    pretty engaging song, I like it

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