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  1. All Nights Reserved

    Jacob Deraps - Fuck Off

    Another one for the haters.
  2. All Nights Reserved

    Amorphis - Queen of Time

    Wow, I haven't listened to them since 96. They were better.
  3. All Nights Reserved

    Santa Cruz No More

    I'm a guitarist too but I think he's too young for this. Yeah, he's good but he needs more experience, more "blues" to play this style right. Plus I didn't feel any chemistry between them two in the video. He looks (and plays) like Archie's little brother.
  4. All Nights Reserved

    Santa Cruz No More

    In that order, yes.
  5. All Nights Reserved

    Santa Cruz No More

    From FB: After working with Brody DeRozie for a few months, we mutually came to the conclusion that he was not the man for Santa Cruz. We want to wish Brody all the best to his future endeavours in music. May we introduce the Russian Rocket, 19 year old guitar prodigy: @pavcruzz ⚡️🔥 We’ve been working like crazy on the low to get this band to the next level, so get stoked boys & girls! Shit’s about to get wild! XXX - The Cruz Team
  6. All Nights Reserved

    Carriage - "VISIONS" (Stormspell 2018)

    I'm an old school MF fan, and I got the similarities but that's just another boring "retro" metal stuff.
  7. That's a great one, yeah.
  8. All Nights Reserved


    Sure we are.

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