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  1. Delbert

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    Nice score getting that Miriah 1992 demo Russ..........
  2. Delbert

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    I ordered Japanese Pressing from CD Japan with the bonus track.....this album is definitely right up my listening pleasure alley.....
  3. Delbert

    Perfect Plan - All Rise

    I agree, the last track was definitely the one that pulled my chain the most......may be a pretty good album when finished.......I'm sitting on 50/50 right now
  4. Delbert

    Heartwind - Higher And Higher

    More good stuff on the horizon......love this genre of music
  5. Delbert

    Gathering Of Kings

    Definitely interested in this one as a full album......
  6. Delbert

    Diamond Black

    Good stuff here......anxious for a full album
  7. Just a bit of trivia on this......a few years back, I sent a couple of expensive CDs to a good customer in Italy using EMS. He never got his package and then contacted me to tell me the tracking number indicates his package was sent to PERU!!! I checked online and, yes, instead of Italy, the package ended up in Peru. Well, needless to say, my good customer was in total panic and wanted his money returned. I assured him, the package would eventially get to him, that he had to be patient. Patience wasn't one of his virtues...., but he did restrain himself from filing a paypal grievance and.......yes, about 1 month or more later, his package did arrive. Once again, I am glad I mailed that out EMS with tracking. They were well travelled CDs to say the least.
  8. Delbert

    Satin - It's About Time

    Thanks for the heads up......certainly caught my ear
  9. Delbert

    Leverage - Red Moon Over Sonora

    I agree...Pekka's voice is certainly unique......ironically was listening to previous Leverage releases this past week and was wondering if anything new was on the horizon. I will miss Pekka on vocals for sure, but, being a fanatic fan of this genre of melodic rock, I can make the adjustment.....
  10. Delbert

    Rescue - s/t

    There are actually two versions of this CD out there. The Long Island Classics series version and then the basic Long Island release...
  11. Delbert

    Burn - Ice Age

    Just picked up the Japanese pressing and anxious to give it a good listen....
  12. Delbert

    Keldian - Darkness and Light

    Always loved the output of this band.....I have all their previous releases (1 Japanese pressing) and when this appeared, I immediately added it to the collection. There is a somewhat change of direction here, although very slight for the casual listener. The previous releases, for me anyway, were more intense in their structure and energy. I still enjoyed this release...............
  13. Delbert

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    Bomb Squad is a cool sounding band.....hope you pickup more good material from them!!
  14. Delbert

    Steel City

    I have the demo from them.....most likely they will repeat these tracks.....
  15. Delbert

    Baltimore Rocks -- Blast From The Past

    This one is from the Baltimore, MD band CHAIN THE DAY. It is off their 4 track demo and the track title is "Heart And Soul". Another demo I transferred to CDR some time ago. They have a sound somewhere between CINDERELLA, POISON and WARRANT. Pretty good stuff..............