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  1. melodicrock

    Nitrate - Real World

    Mr. M - that's EXACTLY what this album is about!
  2. Well, that's typical Justin for you....I was told it was digital only. Still....what JK did with this is amazing and in a completely different realm than The Vow.
  3. melodicrock

    Captain Black Beard - Struck By Lightning

    Sorry to hear your thoughts Geoff. This is a new beast really....could have used a name change perhaps...but I think it's solid!
  4. melodicrock

    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    You won't ever top the original, but there's a lot of extra Vinny work on the re-recordings. New solos, extended parts and also a more prominent role in the mix. I like it.
  5. Not lazy at all. The whole project is re-recorded from the ground up. Different lyrics, new riffs, lots of changes and one hell of a performance from David Cagle. JK wasn't happy with the original product being rush-released and being that Justin owed me and JK, he offered us full control over the material, so JK spent several months making it what he originally envisioned. I think there's no comparison with the L&J digital only release.
  6. melodicrock

    Rick Springfield - The Snake King

    Rick has 17 Top 40 hits under his belt.....I've never seen him talk in any way bitterly. Snake King is just a one-off left turn...
  7. melodicrock

    Dallas - Over The Edge (ep)

    Stay tuned....
  8. melodicrock

    All I Know - Vanity Kills

    What a jackass...
  9. melodicrock

    Mecca - The Demos

    This really is going to be a pretty unique look into the Mecca recording process.
  10. melodicrock

    Don Barnes

    No idea how you could say this sounds like a 2017 release. It's been untouched for 28 years!
  11. melodicrock

    Don Barnes

    Pleasure! And it's the biggest seller for MRR to date
  12. melodicrock

    Stan Bush - Change The World

    You got the touch, you got the poweeeeerrrrrr...
  13. melodicrock

    Robin Beck - Love Is Coming

    What a shit guitar sound.... I like the arrangement, but it sounds half done.
  14. melodicrock

    Don Barnes

    Thanks! It sure is killer. 2 more Album Of The Year contenders coming in Sept
  15. melodicrock

    Streamline - s/t

    Here we go... http://melodicrock.com/articles/news-feed/2017/07/10/streamline-announce-their-debut-album-august

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